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Heart of Alaska

 Heart of Alaska

Heart of Alaska - Trailer from Bjørn on Vimeo.

Film synopsis: 

Hig, Erin and their two children walk out of their comfortable home on a cold March predawn morning and begin a four-month human powered expedition around Alaska's Cook Inlet. While carrying food, camping gear and other necessities for their survival, the family also carries a question – 'what do you think the future of Alaska will look like in 50 years?'

Beyond expansive mudflats, rivers, and streams and over headlands and miles of uninhabited beaches there exists a patchwork of communities. From small native villages to Alaska's largest city, Cook Inlet is the Heart of Alaska.

Through adventure, inquiry, chance encounters and in-depth conversations this film aims to pause long enough to ponder what the future of Alaska will look like for the two adventuring toddlers in this film and their peers.

The film received initial financing from a crowd funding campaign on kickstarter and is currently in production. If you missed the campaign and would like to contribute you can do so by clicking here.

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