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My Coyote Nose and Ptarmigan Toes

An Almost-True Alaskan Adventure

Sasquatch Books, March 22 2016

Written by Erin McKittrickAuthor of A Long Trek Home, and Small Feet, Big Landand a regular contributor to Alaska Dispatch News

Illustrated by Valisa Higman: paper cut artist.  

Imagine a miserable blizzard, and you're stuck hiking through it with a 2-year-old and a 4-year-old. Then the 4-year-old turns to you, and explains that he's digging in the snow with his tusks. That he's a mammoth. That he NEVER gets cold. 

That was my son, on an 800-mile expedition around Cook Inlet. He was the inspiration for this book.

This is a rhyming story about a child's grand adventure, but it's also a 'how-to' book. How to approach the challenges of the great outdoors--and the world--in a childish, imaginative way. I hope kids will learn a little about the animals. More importantly, I hope they will see themselves as powerful explorers of our natural world.

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