Tiny camcorder – Panasonic SDR-S10

Because more electronics are always better when backpacking 4000 miles…

We couldn’t resist the opportunity to play with video on this expedition – and therefore we have a new little camcorder which records to SD cards. The Panasonic SDR-S10. Supposedly both shock and water resistant, which should come in quite handy for the rather rugged use we intend to put it through. More toys! In our defense – this one only weighs 7 oz (compared to our 5+ pounds of still camera gear).

It’s not a feature movie quality camera, but we’re much more accomplished still photographers than videographers anyway. This should be fun for You Tube. I’m not sure how often we’ll have enough bandwidth to upload video on the way, but there should be at least some (with more on the web when we return).

Below is a short test video – ignore the dusty lens (we’ll clean it).