Erin and Hig

This is us. Erin and Hig.

Journey on the Wild Coast Map

This is our crazy plan. This coming June, we plan to walk from our house (in Seattle, WA), to Unimak Island (the first Aleutian Island, near False Pass, AK).

It’s about 4000 miles, through some of the most rugged terrain in North America. We’ll be carrying small packrafts to cross rivers and bays and fjords along the way. It’s going to take us 9 months, which means that even though we’ll start in June 2007, we won’t finish until March 2008, and will have to deal with the fall downpours in the rainforests of Southeast Alaska, as well as the winter storms on the Alaska Peninsula (we’ll switch to skis for the winter).

Why are we doing this?

1: I think it’ll be an awesome adventure and a whole lot of fun.

2: Hig’s going to finish up and graduate with his geology PhD, so we’ll have some time to escape and be nomads.

3: And beyond the adventure, this trip will be for the wilderness itself. I want to get a large scale view of the state of the environment along the Pacific Coast: what’s there now, what’s happening, and what we can do with the future. This journey will give us a view with the breadth of the whole coastline, but a depth that can only be achieved by traveling through it step by step.
4: If you want to read more about why this is so cool, read about it here: Journey on the Wild Coast – the Idea.

Has anyone done this before?

Nope. There’s no trail here, so we’re making up our own route through the wilderness. And once you step off the trails, there are millions of possible journeys, and only a few folks making them. Also, packrafting is a relatively new method of travel, and our route, which mixes land and sea, would be impossible without one.
Can we actually pull this off?

Sure. Hig and I have already hiked and packrafted over 3000 miles in the remote Alaska wilderness, through all kinds of terrain. So at least we know what we’re getting into. You can read more about those trips on my Alaska Trekking page.

What is this blog for?

When we actually leave in June, I’ll post pictures and updates on the trip. For now, I’ll post occasionally on interesting bits of the planning process, gear design, trying to get the money to do this, etc…