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Frost on an iceberg

Aligned frost crystals texture a huge berg protruding out of lake ice on Grewingk Lake. The question this time is for you to try to answer! There are a few clues in the previous answers... What you're seeing here is frost growing on something a bit unusual. Unlike normal frost, the crystals come in groups with similar alignment - they aren't random as you would usually see. What are these growing on, and why does this pattern result? Answer: This frost is growing on an iceberg. The iceberg is a fragment of Grewing Glacier, and though glaciers start as tiny snow crystals, those crystals metamorphose into giants - sometimes head-sized, and often fist-sized (these are in-between). When frost started growing, it grew to match the orientation of the crystal beneath it. So each group of aligned frost crystals sits on top of a single glacial crystal.

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