Katmai testing out his grip

He’s finally here!

Our son, Katmai Winter McKittrick, was born on Valentine’s Day. He weighed 7 pounds 4 ounces, and according to his biased parents is absolutely perfect and totally cute (even with a cone head).

A few highlights from his birth… I managed to shock/impress/flabbergast the whole nursing staff by walking up the hill from the hotel to the hospital while in labor–arriving at about 8 cm dilated. We also walked back the day after he was born. Only this time his dad got to carry him. Finally!

It was a beautiful natural birth in the Homer hospital with a great midwife (Julie), nurse (Jean), and of course Hig. The first stage was easy, but the second one wasn’t! It was a good thing that I spent the whole of this little guy’s incubation time walking and hiking–I needed all that endurance for the more than three hours it took to push him out.

Proud dad

We’re all three doing great now. Still a little antsy being stuck in Homer for another couple days, so Katmai can have his first check up before they send us back across the bay to go home. Looking forward to being back in the yurt soon!

For family, friends, and anyone else who’s interested, there will be a more complete birth story and some more pictures on Katmai’s own blog: www.katmaimckittrick.net. For those who aren’t interested, don’t worry! This Ground Truth Trekking blog will not be entirely swallowed by baby pictures.