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Bering Straits Spring - Nome to Deering, 2015: Your browser does not support iframes. Skis. Sleds. Sea Ice. Blizzards. Breakup. Packrafts. One 6-year-old. One 4-year-old. Two months. 360+ miles. Along the edge of the Bering Strait from Nome to Deering. Originally, we thought we'd make it all the ... [read-more]

Photos tagged Wilderness Kids

Katmai climbing a cottonwood
Kids in the woods
Lituya climbing a stump
Katmai climbing a downed tree
Eating in the tent
Hig and Katmai paddling Hoen's Lagoon
Beach Play
Heading for the Laura S.
Scrambling over boulders
Katmai runs ahead
Looking out at the waves
Obstacles in the forest
Katmai and Lituya playing in the rocks
Katmai pointing out a fossil of a snail
Katmai's shot: looking out from the trees
Katmai's shot: Erin wrapping Lituya
Katmai's shot: his own upside down face
Katmai looks out over the ocean
Lituya riding a "wood Apatosaurus"
Hig and Katmai beneath a rock nose
Mud monster
Kids in mist and mud
Mudsledding in mist
Mudsledding in the mist
Messy lunch
Slough crossing
Across the marsh
Pushki wands
The joy of puddles
Little moochers
Drift River wading
Cave wriggling
Fun in the sun
Running in the sea
Investigating clams
Katmai and clam
Katmai and clam
Walk to Iliamna
Cave explorations
Readying for a surf launch on the Iniskin Peninsula
Katmai "fishing" in the waves
Nearing the end - walking towards Mt. Douglas
Hig and Katmai negotiating a steep way -- the only way -- over a cliff at Cape Douglas
Tent bound in a Kamishak Bay storm
Three generation adventure
Not quite beating the tide -- wading around a cliff in Kamishak Bay
Lituya eating beach greens
Katmai playing in beach greens
Lituya on Barabara Beach
Through an icy crack
Looking out at the snow
Snowy cobble walk
fire on the beach
two boys on a snowy beach
Starting a fire in the snow
kid ski on the road
trying the rutted slush in our driveway
Katmai on skis
Lituya flopped in the snow
Grass swords
dam against the tide
Hunting sand dollars
this side won't sting
Beach hike
gooey worm
Kids playing in Red Mountain Valley
Road to Red Mountain
Mud pies at camp
Through the crack
Low-bush blueberry picking
Help on a rock
Climbing to the pass at Red Mountain
Red Mountain bouldering
Friends on a pass
Remains of the Red Mountain mining operation
Monster snatch game
Getting very wet at Windy River
Erin skiing with the kids
Erin pulling Lituya in the packraft-sled
Ice games
Katmai sliding
Lituya sliding
Ice edge
Arriving in Wales
Lituya the Saber Toothed Tiger
Old cabin
Mud is fun
Nearly ready to packraft
Lagoon skiing
Icy puddles
Ski challenges
Kids investigate permafrost
Warm air on old ice
Melting permafrost
Ice jumble campsite
Tidepooling kids, 2015
Watching a brittle star
Nudibranch eggs
Scaring tube worms
Expedition silly
Foggy ascent
On the caldera's edge
Little hiker
Descent into the Caldera
Cinder scootch
Okmok badland explorer
Winding way
Steam vents
Difficult coast
Family trekking in volcano
Katmai skiing in bumpy ice
At the polynya
Katmai on the edge of the ice
The edge between light and dark
Climbing an ice pile
Lituya climbing an ice pile
Katmai climbing an ice jumble
Turquoise pools
The last ice pile
Skiing by an ice pile
Skiing on a painting of the sky
Skiing in water
Running through a puddle
Into the puddles
Splish splash sploosh
Spring puddle maze
Watching rookeries
Girl with boquet
Skiing on a painting of the sky
Skiing on a painting of the sky
Skiing on a painting of the sky
Skiing on a painting of the sky
Gear testing
Threading rocks
Giant boulders
Creek ford
Fording the creek
Group portrait on Lunch Mountain
Proud kids
Lituya clutching a greenling she caught in Sukoi Bay
Exploring ice caves
In the bottom of a Crevasse
Bending ice
Skating amongst icebergs