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Winter sunset
Mt Iliamna
Redoubt Volcano Lightening
Slide on Iliamna
Slide on Iliamna 2
Balancing the Ball
Sunset and Volcano
Dusk on Cook Inlet
Nearly Hidden
Cook Inlet sunset
Redoubt over rough water
Oil and Gas exploration on Cook Inlet
Iliamna and Fog
Atop Spurr Volcano
Ascending to Crater Peak
Iliamna Shadow
Smoke plume over Cook Inlet
Distant tanker in the sunset
Iliamna above the clouds
High salt marsh in Redoubt Bay
Redoubt and brids
Samples for analysis
Preparing to dig a peat pit
Snowy volcano
Intertidal peat
Saltwater peat
Peat monolith
Intertidal peat
Layered peat with thin tephra
Epic volcano cow
Archaeological layers
Vsevidof Volcano
Columnar jointed cliffs
Flanks of Recheshnoi Volcano
Aleutian Mountains
Morninig sun on Recheshnoi Volcano
Where the earth bleeds heat
Lava slide
Lava field
Exposed stratigraphy in Okmok Caldera
Small crater lake
Blue crater lake
Crater within Okmok Caldera
Caldera walk
Caldera surfaces
Okmok Badlands
Silt and clay layers
Lava cave
Ship Rock
Makushin Volcano
Expedition silly
Foggy ascent
Kamchatka rhododendron
On the caldera's edge
Camped on cinders
Steam vent
Descent into the Caldera
Cinder scootch
Warmth-loving goo
Caldera camp
Steam vents
Okmok badland explorer
Hot springs meal
Steam vents
Tiny natural harbor
Makushin Volcano
Iliamna sunlit
Family trekking in volcano
View from Pakushin
Umnak in the Distance
Pakushin Sunset
Pakushin crater
Cracked ash
Where is the peak?
Moss carpet
Tent on a foggy mountain
Ignimbrite on the Altiplano
Altiplano rock formation