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Linc Energy UCG Leases in AK: News: In 2016, Linc Energy declared bankruptcy and we are considering all of these project to be shelved SummaryAn Australian company, Linc Energy, is exploring several sites in Central Alaska and near Cook Inlet, looking into the feasibility of developing ... [read-more]
Stone Horn Ridge Underground Coal Gasification (CIRI UCG): News: After several years of no documented activity (to early 2017) related to this project, we are classifying it as "inactive". This page will be kept for reference Background Marsh meander GET PHOTO Land within the CIRI UCG lease On ... [read-more]
Underground Coal Gasification (UCG): Underground Coal Gasification (UCG) involves igniting coal in the ground, then collecting and using the gases that result from its partial combustion. Although the idea dates back over a century, very few UCG plants have ever been built. Underground gasification ... [read-more]
Underground Coal Gasification (UCG) Documents: Underground coal gasification (UCG) is the process of igniting coal in the ground then collecting and using the resulting gases.  For more information, see our issue article on underground coal gasification.  Several UCG projects are being considered in Alaska, primarily ... [read-more]