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Down the trail
Lituya hiding
Rot-resistant stump
Rocky Ridge Mammals
Shelf fungi
Otterbahn mammals
Otterbahn mammals
Mammals interpretive sign
Poisonous plants
Shelf fungi interpretive sign
Kim posing by interpretive sign
Trail inspection
Improvised bridge
Spring trail scouting
Giant boulders
Next to the ford
Tundra playground camp
Alpine creek
Creek in meadow
Gorge creek
Alpine valley view
Alpine lake
Alpine lake pair
Evening light on creek
Scenic overlook
Creek ford
Fording the creek
Group portrait on Lunch Mountain
Proud kids
Tutka Flats
Swimming lake
Tundra Playground
Alpine lakes
Meadow in the forest
Cliffs and ridges
Fjord delta
Gravel delta
Windswept forest ridge
Gulf of Alaska Forest
Spruce forest blowdown
Meadow with boulder
Bow saw action
View of Tutka Tusk
Tutka Rapids
On lunch peak on our april scout trip
On lunch peak on our april scout trip
Looking down from lunch peak, in the snow
checking out the forest in Tuka valley
Spring on Lunch Mountain
Trail on vertical granite
Set stone stair switchback
Overhung stone steps
Stone steps in thick vegetation
Set stone stairs
Durable stone stairs
Hiking a trail in the Amazon
Eroding trail
Steep Inca stairs
Steep stairs with paved drainage
Stairs with drainage
Inca Stairs
Terraces and stairs
Stone trail tread