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Hairy crab (Hapalogaster mertensii)
Daisy Brittle Star (Ophiopholis aculeata)
Helmet Crab (Telmessus cheiragonus)
Seldovia Head Start class visits the beach
Stranded fish
Sand Dollar (Echinarachnius parma) metropolis
Snails and Hermit Crabs
Tube worm
Once a machine, now a substrate
Rough-mantled Doris (Onchidoris bilamellata)
Green Algae
Uh oh, the tide's coming in
Mossy Chiton (Mopalia muscosa)
Hermit crab
Sitka Periwinkles (Littorina sitkana)
Anemone (moonglow anemone?)
Tiny crustacean with glowing eyes
Sunflower Star (Pycnopodia helianthoides)
Hairy triton (Fusitriton oregonensis)
Christmas Anemone (Urticina crassicornis)
Kachemak Bay Tidepooling
Hermit Crab
Hairy crab (Hapalogaster mertensii)
Sunflower star (Pycnopodia helianthoides)
Sunflower Star (Pycnopodia helianthoides) tube feet unpeeling
Dam building at Hoen's Lagoon
Peering under rocks
Chiton (Mopalia sp.)
Green algae
What's under here?
Tiny crab, decorated with seaweed
Seaweed Isopod looking over the edge (Idotea wosnesenskii)
Fish, hiding
Hermit crab and banded sea star
"squirter" seaweed
Hairy crab (Hapalogaster mertensii)
Ribbon kelp
Shells upon shells
Exploring the caves
Sucker fish
Seaweed shines in the sun, reflecting in a tidepool
Feathery kelp
Rose Anemone (Urticina lofotensis)
Branching kelp
Seaweed reflections
Dam building at Hoen's Lagoon
Two creatures
Taylor's colonial tunicate (Metandrocarpa taylori)
What are these?
Sitka Periwinkles (Littorina sitkana)
Red sponge
Dam building at Hoen's Lagoon
"Wahk in da wada!" (walk in the water)
Sitka Periwinkles (Littorina sitkana)
Sand Dollar sideways (Echinarachnius parma)
Lituya with the tidepooling bucket
Telmessus cheiragonus, burying itself
Glebocarcinus oregonensis crawling out of a barnacle shell
Glebocarcinus oregonensis hiding under sand
Glebocarcinus oregonensis
Cryptolithodes typicus
Cryptolithodes typicus grasping claws
Elassochirus gilli, looking for a shell
Elassochirus gilli in a dogwinkle
Elassochirus gilli in a wandering sponge (Suberites sp.)
Elassochirus tenuimanus on a sand flat, in a channeled dogwinkle shell
The wide hand of Elassochirus tenuimanus, the wide-hand hermit crab
Hapalogaster mertensii
Hapalogaster mertensii
Oregonia gracilis, Graceful Decorator Crab
Oregonia gracilis
Oregonia gracilis with short fuzzy seaweed
Pagurus beringanus
Pagurus beringanus, turning itself back over
Pagurus caurinus
Pagurus caurinus scuttling away
Pagurus caurinus in an overlarge shell
Pagurus hirsutiusculus, crowded in a tidepool
Juvenile Pagurus hirsutiusculus
Pagurus hirsutiusculus in a small shell
Phyllolithodes papillosus, Heart Crab
Juvenile Phyllolithodes papillosus
Phyllolithodes papillosus on a clam shell
Pugettia gracilis with algae decoration
Pugettia gracilis
Pugettia gracilis in a tide pool
Telmessus cheiragonus
Pugettia gracilis, attached to a rock