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Sea Arch
Chomping Broccoli
Garden and Yurt
Skeletonized alder
Peeking through grass
Little rock climber
Looking down on Seldovia
Gardening with the kids
Nibbling Broccoli from the garden
Up the trail with two kids
Broccoli Baron
Hiking for Three
The excitement of Kale
2012 garden
2012 garden
2012 garden
2012 garden
Bruce Spanworm (Operophtera bruceata) on Alder
Alder defoliation
Journal writing
Packrafting the Susitna Delta
Sandbar on the Susitna Delta
Waiting for the tide
Walking the flats
Startled birds
Sandhill Cranes
Sunset on a slough
Baby seal warmiing up
Mud wading
Raft towing in the flats
Kids on Driftwood
Sunset on the Susitna Flats
Beluga picnic
Fish cutting
Fishing nets
Mud monster
Mudflats and Redoubt
Sunset slough
Oil Rig beyond the slough
Oil rigs off Trading Bay
Water or land?
Buoy and Boulder
Setnet cabins on the Kustatan
Clawed feet slipping
Seal tracks climbing
Flies on the mud
Slough crossing
Across the marsh
Duck shacks
Sprouting through mud
Not yet green
The joy of puddles
Tent with bear fence
Marsh fall
Sedge flats
Little moochers
Colorful slough crossing
It was a shoe
Drift River wading
On an eddy line
Cottonwood on the beach
Cottonwood picnic
Cave wriggling
Cutting salmon
Fun in the sun
Running in the sea
Ducks and Mountains
Bear cooling off in a river at Cape Douglas
Not quite beating the tide -- wading around a cliff in Kamishak Bay
Sunset and fishing boat
Distant tanker in the sunset
Camped above Kachemak Bay
Evening view of the coast
Road to Red Mountain
Red Mountain Valley
Mud pies at camp
Through the crack
Help on a rock
Climbing to the pass at Red Mountain
Red Mountain bouldering
Remains of the Red Mountain mining operation
Tent on Windy River
Getting very wet at Windy River
False Hellebore (Veratrum viride var. eschscholzianum)
Climbing from an Aleutian Fjord
Shaler Mountains Pass
Whale encounter
Craggy cliffs and cows
High pass
Down into the Valley
Hanging Glacier
"Profit Beach"
Ammonite amongst boulders
Threading rocks
Young kettles
St Elias Sunset
Alpine valley view
Swimming lake
Glacier camp
Narrow pass
Harsh terrain to work in
Mist over blowdown
Grewingk River
Andrew Mattox and St. Elias
Thin snow