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Storm battered Chukchi coast
Bluffs disintegrating
Groundhog Mountain Thunderstorm
Skull Cliffs
Culvert failure
Exploring the washout
Buried vehicle
Red Mountain road washed out
Connected to the Ocean
Fresh wood
Storm waves
Storm waves in sunlight
Waves breaking on iceberg
Deep snow
Sun on snow
Film crew struggles in the rain
White Alice radar dishes
Surf and foam
Self-pruning tree
Big waves at Seldovia Point
Storm and ice fog
Snow berg
Storm waves over snow
Crashing storm waves
Dead shark
Stormy sky, dead trees
Redoubt over rough water
Melting shore ice
Tent bound in a Kamishak Bay storm
Surf roiling against the base of the sea arch
Ready to Depart Kokhanok
Windy Day on Lake Iliamna
One Step at a Time
Blowing Snow
Ground Blizzard
Sunrise Through Ice Fog
Pause For Dawn
Rime Coated Trees
Hummock Ice
Ground Blizzard On The Protage
Outside beach
Snow blowing on the Bering Sea near Cape Wooley
Wooley Lagoon camp in a ground blizzard
Barge wreck on the frozen ocean
The view from our cave
Hiding from the wind
Wall for the wind
Windy campsite
Broken ice
Sea ice
Barren Islands
Storm whipped coastline
Storm at Sea
Iliamna sunlit
Spruce forest blowdown
Tough bush
Storm over the Deseguadero
Path through gravel