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Liquefaction evidence
Muddy arctic storm waves
Melting oozing permafrost
Muddy storm waters
Armored mud ball
Lisburne Hills
Permafrost slump
Thick sequence of deformed seds
Dish structures?
Deformed seds
Liquefied mud
Deformed seds
Deformed seds
Deformed very low-contrast lake sands
Partially deformed lakebottom sediment
Large pseudonodule below dish structures
Outcrop on Lake Iliamna
Biofilm fragments?
Tracks in biofilm sand
Clastic dike
Action Geology
Sand catwalk
Iron oxide cement
Layered sand and gravel
Deformed sediment
Perched in a Pseudonodule
Wearing the geologist hat
Andrew on the Outcrop
Beach gravels
Mud dike
Ventifacts and liesegang banding
Liesegang Banding
Ventifacts and liesegang banding
Hanna Craig
Outcrop video
Normal faulting
Mud intruding up through sand
Samples for analysis
Nine feet down
Preparing to dig a peat pit
Melting, oozing, eroding
Overhung permafrost
Layered peat with thin tephra
Sampling intertidal peat
Exposed stratigraphy in Okmok Caldera
Caldera surfaces
Silt and clay layers
Boulder and sand tsunami deposit
Tsunami scour?
Peat layer
Trench wall with possible tephra
Tertiary fault on Homer beach
Sheared Tertiary coal and siltstone
Mysterious plant fossils
Dendritic plant rhizome
Young kettle
Tsunami deposit trench
Large tsunami boulder
Flattened trees and boulder
Tsunami impacts
Impact marks
Boulder tsunami deposit
Tsunami embedded stone
More than a pebble
Digging in a tsunami deposit
Trench in Hoof-Hill Fan
Landslide Hummocks
Walking on Tsunami Deposit
Dr. Dan Shugar and Dr. Jeremy Venditti
Third Icy Bay Expedition
Remote Control Multibeam Survey Boat
Field "Office"
Launching Remote Control Boat
Field Office
First Launch
Shallow Water Mapping Boat
Remote Controlled Mapping Boat and Office
Glacier Office
Tyndal Glacier Marine Survey
MV Gyre In Taan Fjord
Tyndall Glacier
Tsunami Deposit Trench
Tsunami bullets
Tsunami sediment
Searching for 'Run-Up'
Boulder gravel
Sediment beneath boulder
Alpine sorted pebbles
Sorted pebbles near a boulder
Grains sorted by wind and rain
Tutka tundra campsite
1967 tsunami deposit
Exploring a tsunami deposit
Sorted boulders
Sorted alpine pebbles
Patterned ground
Gravel beneath alpine boulder
Pebble patch
Aeolian trash
Aeolian grain-size transition
Aeolian ladder ripples
Aeolian megaripples
Shifting sands
Possible landslide deposit
Walking on aeolian megaripples
Long wavelength wind-blown ripples