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Acid Mine Drainage: Acid Seep GET PHOTO Acid Seep in Nevada source: Copyright held by photographer Summary Acid mine drainage (AMD) refers to the outflow of acidic water from a mining site. In most cases, this acid comes primarily from oxidation of iron sulfide ... [read-more]
Susitna-Watana Hydroelectric Project: Renewable Energy Articles Geothermal Augustine Geothermal Spurr Geothermal Wind Eva Creek Wind Fire Island Wind Hydroelectricity Chakachamna Hydro Chikuminuk Hydro Kogoluktuk Hydro Susitna-Watana Hydro Seismic Hazards at Susitna Other Tidal Power in Cook Inlet Yakutat Wave Energy Summary If built, ... [read-more]
The History and Fate of Fountain Stream: Related Content Life on Ice Journey - main pageMelting by the Maps - an exploration of change and erosion near Fountain Stream from 1890 to 2011 Glacier Retreat in Alaska Global Warming in Alaska - overview Adventures in a Warming ... [read-more]
Whistler Gold/Silver/Copper Prospect: SummaryThe Whistler gold/silver/copper prospect is located on the Skwentna River, about 100 miles northwest of Anchorage.  The current official resource estimate (a sum of the indicated plus inferred resource) is around 3 million ounces of gold, 13 million ounces of ... [read-more]

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Rare view of Mt. Fairweather
Open Lead
Open Lead
Open Lead
North Fork Koktuli Open Lead
Open Lead
Open Lead
Open Lead
Open Lead
Open Lead
Open Lead
Moose Creek
Moose Creek
Moose Creek
Moose Creek
Moose Creek
Queets River
Queets River
Queets River
Queets River
Queets River
Queets River
Queets River
Queets River
Queets River
Queets River
Queets River
Queets River
Queets River
Queets River
Queets River
Queets River
Gentle ocean
Riding foam
Icy Cauldron
From beneath the beach
Aufeis on the Kongakut
Muddy storm waters
Rescue by 4-wheeler
Lisburne Hills
Devil's Canyon, Susitna River
Picnic by the creek
Culvert failure
Exploring the washout
Buried vehicle
Avak River
Stream mouth at Ocean Beach
Icy Stream
Ice tassels
Beach from Above
Surf and Ice
Checking out the river mouth
Collecting water sample
Water sample
Stream at sunset
Glacier Creek
Water sample at Twentymile
Mud Play
Mud rapids
Packrafting the Woz
Matanuska Valley from Wishbone Hill
Katmai on the River
Silt Ripples
Packraft River Crossing
Fall colors along Kings River
Sulphurets Creek
Sulphurets Creek
Sulphurets Mine camp
Sulphurets Creek
Grassy waterfall
Golden leaves in the Golden Triangle
Giant spring in Okmok Caldera
Aleutian waterfalls
Down into the Valley
Taylor Valley
Taylor Delta
Taylor River
Tutka river
Snow in forested mountains
Looking up from Tutka
Tutka River
Young kettles
Boulder tsunami deposit
Expensive walking stick
Gravel bar
Improvised bridge
Alpine creek
Creek ford
Fording the creek
Tundra Playground
Cliffs and ridges
Fjord delta
Gravel delta
Tutka Rapids
Sierra de Laguna Gorge
Baja geomorphology
Frozen River
Narrow pass
Camped on the Taylor River
Taylor River Mists
Taylor River
Morning sun
Mist over blowdown
River through boulders
Walking in the willow flats
No trail
Heavy rain
Taylor River
Taylor River
Taylor River
Grewingk River
Grewingk River Rapids
Tandem packrafting
Portaging a sweeper
River avulsion
Wosnesenski to Stonehocker channel
Lower Wos rapid
Taylor River Cairn
Taylor River Crossing
Curious llamas
Strange animals
Desert pottery shard
Cliff-trail ruins
Altiplano rock formation
Storm over the Deseguadero
Deseguadero River
Altiplano gully
Campsite on the Deseguadero
Altiplano geese
Deseguadero footbridge
Bedrock spring