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Chukchi Sea Oil and Gas Development: (Note: Given the events of late 2015 as detailed below, we stopped updating this article at that time)SummaryOffshore drilling for oil and gas in Alaska's Chukchi Sea has both great economic potential and a significant risk of adverse environmental impact. ... [read-more]
Drift River Oil Terminal: Tanks at the Drift River Oil Terminal GET PHOTO Storage tanks for oil source: Copyright held by photographer Introduction  The Drift River Oil Terminal is a short-term oil storage facility on Cook Inlet that is controversial due to its vulnerability to ... [read-more]
Exxon Valdez Oil Spill: SummaryThe 1989 Exxon Valdez Oil spill released millions of gallons of crude oil into Prince William Sound Alaska.   It was the worst environmental disaster in Alaska history, and occured in a very sensitive coastal ecosystem, magnifying damage.  The spill ... [read-more]
Hydraulic Fracturing ("Fracking") in Alaska: The controversial "massive" (or high-volume) fracking has little current application in Alaska's conventional petroleum fields, but could be used to develop Alaska's smaller unconventional petroleum fields. It is currently being explored as an option by Great Bear LLC for the Great Bear ... [read-more]
Northern Gateway Oil Pipeline Project (Canada): (Note:  This article was up-to-date as of August 2012 and has not been maintained since)SummaryThe Canadian Northern Gateway Pipeline Project has proposed a pair of 1,200 km pipelines that would link the tar sand oil fields of northern Alberta with ... [read-more]
Oil Degradation in the Sea: SummaryWhen oil enters the water from natural or manmade sources it begins to degrade, taking anywhere from days to decades depending on conditions.  Processes that spread the oil through the environment usually speed up this degradation.  However other factors such ... [read-more]
Oil Tax Credits: What are they, and why are they a problem?: Executive Summary Historically, one of the primary ways the state gets revenue from oil production has been the Oil Production Tax (the other is royalties). The current version of the production tax involves large cash payments to oil companies. These ... [read-more]
Sulfolane Contamination in Alaska: Summary Sulfolane, an industrial solvent used in the production of gasoline, has been detected since 2000 in groundwater located near the North Pole oil refinery, with the sulfolane slowly spreading outside the refinery boundaries.  In 2009 sulfolane was discovered in ... [read-more]
Unconventional Oil and Gas in Alaska: North Slope Pipelines GET PHOTO Pipelines crossing tundra west of Prudhoe Bay in Alaska's Arctic. source: Public Domain Nearly all known unconventional petroleum in Alaska is located on the North Slope.  Although most of Alaska’s petroleum reserves are "conventional fields," where ... [read-more]
Alaska Oil and Gas:   Oil and Gas Articles Benefits and Risks of Massive Hydraulic FracturingChukchi Sea Oil and Gas DevelopmentCoalbed MethaneDrift River Oil TerminalExxon Valdez Oil SpillHydrofracking in AlaskaNatural Gas in Cook InletNorthern Gateway Pipeline Project (Canada)Oil Degradation in the SeaSulfolane Contamination in AlaskaUnconventional ... [read-more]

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Circling the Sound: This essay was written by Bjorn Olson and Kim McNett describing their circumnavigation of Prince William Sound in the summer of 2010 Your browser does not support iframes. Our Route Background      In the summer of 2010, Kim and I ... [read-more]

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Tyonek Dock
Lingering Oil
Lingering Oil
Jackup rig in Cook Inlet
Exploration rig entering Kachemak Bay
Exploration rig entering Kachemak Bay
Exploration rig entering Kachemak Bay
Oil seep
Iridescent stream
Tolerant cotton grass
Natural oil seep
Natural oil seep
Natural oil seep
Tar print
Natural oil seep
Natural oil seep
Mousse sighting
Tolerant cotton grass
Sprouting like weeds
Overseas Nikiski
Jackup rig in Homer
Jackup rig in Homer
Jackup rig in Homer
Jackup rig in Homer
Biking in the arctic
Foraging caribou
Musk oxen on the move
Arctic industry
Arctic wildlife
Ice road truckers
Trans-Alaska Pipeline
Pump station
Biking the Brooks Range
Dalton Highway
Pump station #5
Wildlife in camp
Yukon River
Interior Alaska
Alaska Range
Mount Sanford
Pipeline terminal
Firing up engines
Shell Drilling Ship
Shell Drilling Ship
Shell Drilling Ship
Damaged Kulluk ready for transport
Xiang Rui Kou transporting Kulluk
Xiang Rui Kou
Beluga and oil rig
Oil and Gas exploration on Cook Inlet
Bruce Platform
Spark Platform
Birds and oil rigs
Setnetters near oil rigs
Headed home
Osprey Platform
Oil Rigs in glassy seas
Erin paddling past an oil rig
Oil Rigs off of Trading Bay
Oil rigs and mudflats
Oil Rig beyond the slough
Rafting towards misty oil rig
Oil rigs off Trading Bay
Monopod and mud
Birds and oil rig
Messy lunch
Oil hospitality
Lingering oil after 25 years
EVOS oil in 2014
Oil residue on beach
Lingering oil survey
Oily Gravel from the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill
Surveying lingering oil in Prince William Sound
Pipelines and Tundra
North Slope Oil Facility
Pipeline and Arctic Lakes
Road and pipeline on the North Slope
Alaska's Industrial Landscape
Alpine Oil Field Rig
Tar deposit on a gravel beach
Tar deposit in gravel