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Coal and Mud
Homer beaches
Beach mud
Walking the beach
Collecting water sample
Coyote tracks
Mystery tracks
Walking on mud flats
Muddy shore
Muddy ice floes
Waiting for water
Chickaloon Bay
Small slough
Liquefaction dance
Frosty mud cracks
Log leaping
Mud Play
Mud wading
Muddy slough
Mud rapids
Birds and oil rigs
Mud sled
Mud monster
Kids in mist and mud
Oil Rig beyond the slough
Rafting towards misty oil rig
Monopod and mud
Mudsledding in mist
Mudsledding in the mist
Water or land?
Clawed feet slipping
Seal tracks climbing
Flies on the mud
Slough crossing
Sprouting through mud
The joy of puddles
Colorful slough crossing
Headed out for clams
Forest Jumble
Laminar flow in melting mud
Muddy water melting through ice
Nine feet down
Mud is fun
Icy puddles
Ski challenges
Mud pool maze
Kids love mud
Melting, oozing, eroding
Overhung permafrost
Kids investigate permafrost