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Can Two Wrongs Make a Right? Mercury and Selenium in Fish: (Note:  Many of links in this article lead to scientific reports, some of which are behind paywalls; our apologies for this.)Introduction Big Halibut GET PHOTO Current recommendations suggest that pregnant women and children not eat much of large halibut such ... [read-more]
Mercury from Coal: Mercury is released into the air from the combustion of coal. This mercury accumulates and concentrates in the food chain, where it is ingested by people (often through eating fish). Mercury is a toxic chemical that can affect the nervous ... [read-more]
Red Devil Mercury Mine: BackgroundThe Red Devil Mine extracted cinnabar that was processed into mercury on-site sporadically from 1933 to 1971.  It was located in southwestern Alaska near the site of the proposed Donlin Creek Mine.  It produced a total of 2.7 million pounds ... [read-more]