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The History and Fate of Fountain Stream: Related Content Life on Ice Journey - main pageMelting by the Maps - an exploration of change and erosion near Fountain Stream from 1890 to 2011 Glacier Retreat in Alaska Global Warming in Alaska - overview Adventures in a Warming ... [read-more]

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Ring of Fire: Alpacka Gnu and trailer GET PHOTO Kim and I will be using a two person Gnu packraft and a trailer to carry our bikes on our Ring of Fire expedition.  Between South East Alaska and South Central Alaska lies the ... [read-more]
Life On Ice: Sept. 15 2011 to Nov. 15 2011 - The edge of Malaspina Glacier Pull a load over the gravel-strewn ice in a packraft-unicycle-cart. Sing the 700th verse of Old MacDonald to the toddler on my back. Photograph the sunrise on ... [read-more]

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Mt. St. Elias
Malaspina area
Sitkagi Lagoon
Tipsy trees
Foam tsunami
Icy Bay
Yakutat Bay terrace
Malaspina area
How big is that wave?
Calm crossing
Sitkagi Lagoon
Sitkagi Lagoon
Frosty Lost Coast morning
Sea lions basking
Riou Spit
Fall snow
Cold Sun over Disenchantment Bay
Crumbling coastline
Beach walk
Forest on ice
Ice spring
Malaspina area
Stars on gravel
One of a thousand textures
Unstable foundation
After sleet
Moulin Bleu
Malaspina Monster
Terraced ice spring
Forest calving
Water flows downhill
Dirty, broken, drowned
Patina decaying
Ursa on ice
Cold morning on the river
Puddles with drains
Ice face
Paths through crevasses
Ice highway
Plain's edge
Blue below
Silt scribe
Moraine stripes
Ice tunnel
Malaspina ice face
Sunlit crystal
Puddle window
Rolling hills of ice
Debris from the glacier
Thin cover
Sun-melted berg
Melting ice
Ghost of cottonwood
Forested ice face
Oriented frost
Snow floes
Cold steps
Glacier's eye
Losing on two fronts
Silt feathers
Signs of supercooling
Chilly Flowers
Icy fillagree
Abstract crystal and gas
Slot canyon in ice
Skim Ice
Beneath the glacier
Leaf entombed
Beach walk
Forest in front of Malasapina
Rain on Backdoor Lake
Sitkagi Alley
Life in the Tent
First snow
New life
Ice Valley
Forest Island
Cold but melting
Muddy hands
Photography weather
Toddler trekking
Sunset surf
Storm waves
Sun and shadow
Bear tracks
Favorite Life on Ice photo
Raging ocean
White world
Paddling out of the darkness
Oil seep
Raging headwaters
The man in the raft
Tent on Malaspina Glacier
Turning back
Solo barnacle
Ice road trekking
Lit by blue ice
Solar Panel on Pack
GoPro timelapse
Our palace
Organizing food
G-Diapers spotted in the wild
Packraft freighter
Bear Fence
Wet day
Packraft rickshaw
Lingering fire
Gear Photos
Laundry day
Too little sun
Audio recorder
Full boat
Odd neighbors
Happy Baby
Under the glacier
Bow Saw
Day hike, expecting water
Unfortunate portage
Heavy load
Iridescent stream
Tolerant cotton grass
Natural oil seep
Natural oil seep
Natural oil seep
Tar print
Natural oil seep
Natural oil seep
Mousse sighting
Tolerant cotton grass
Forest Jumble
Shifting soil
Route choosing
Ice-top bushwhacking
Young kettles
Young kettle lake
St Elias Sunset
Icy Highway
Tough to travel
Drowned forest
Paddling drowned forests
Glacier camp
Andrew Mattox and St. Elias
Ancient wood, goofy geologist