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Lituya and Momma
Lituya Journey Higman
Packing children
Lituya, 4 weeks
Lituya fist pump
Family portrait
Watching mom in the mirror
Happy Baby
LItuya eats cake
LItuya eats cake
LItuya eats cake
Picnic by the creek
Pig pile of berry picking kids
Kids playing in tundra
Lituya in sock mittens
Lituya in frost
Space capsule
With grandma
Mom and Katmai
Lituya Booties
Running laps
Cobble ridge
Kids in the woods
Lituya climbing a stump
Lituya climbing a stump
Eating in the tent
Lituya on a Shell Beach
Homey Shipwreck
Examining Moose-poop
Lituya on an Erratic
Lituya beach trekking
Lituya eating spagetti
Watching geese
Close to bears
Seaweed driftline
Visiting the poultry
Testing the mud
Muddy rocks
Alaska Marine Highway
Sea Star Puppetmaster
Lituya Rescue
The top!
Lituya hiding
Grace Ridge
Fall in the Forest
Lituya with wand
Enlightened Equipment for Lituya
Riding tree
Iditarod tourists
Erin skiing with the kids
Erin pulling Lituya in the packraft-sled
Ice games
Lituya sliding
Lituya the Saber Toothed Tiger
Melting permafrost
Mud is fun
Nearly ready to packraft
Subnivean camp
Watcher in the water
Wall for the wind
Our sepia-tinted view of the world
Icy puddles
Sticky mud
Kids love mud
Tidepooling kids, 2015
Lava field
Toes in the Ocean
Jellyfish viewing
Rock walls
Stalwart crew
"A Meadow of Sunshine!"
Katmai paddling Lituya
"Helping with paddling"
Walking along a windy lake
Expedition silly
Descent into the Caldera
Okmok badland explorer
Climbing out of the tall grass
Family trekking in volcano
Running through a puddle
Splish splash sploosh
Girl with boquet
Moss carpet
Gear testing
Giant boulders
Chasing seagulls
Child bouldering
Walking in the willow flats
Dyed hands
Hiking through sunset
Beach project
Surf games
Lituya in potato flowers
Desert tide-pool play
Time to camp
Paddling the Deseguadero
Exploring ice caves
Blue cave, shattered ice
Bending ice
Family portrait on a glacier
Huge frost crystals