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North Fork Koktuli Open Lead
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Ice falls
Stars on gravel
One of a thousand textures
Unstable foundation
Moulin Bleu
Malaspina Monster
Terraced ice spring
Forest calving
Water flows downhill
Dirty, broken, drowned
Patina decaying
Ursa on ice
Cold morning on the river
Puddles with drains
Ice face
Paths through crevasses
Ice highway
Plain's edge
Blue below
Silt scribe
Moraine stripes
Ice tunnel
Malaspina ice face
Sunlit crystal
Rolling hills of ice
Debris from the glacier
Thin cover
Sun-melted berg
Melting ice
Forested ice face
Oriented frost
Snow floes
Silt feathers
Signs of supercooling
Chilly Flowers
Icy fillagree
Slot canyon in ice
Skim Ice
Beneath the glacier
Oily Lake
Stranded ice bergs
Under the glacier
Unfortunate portage
Thin veneer of rocks on ice
An unfortunate soil for trees
New iceberg, and icy forest
Glacier vista
Dawn on Icebergs
Icy Cauldron
From beneath the beach
Ice overhang
Alpine lake
Brian on "The Comb"
Needle ice
Edge of frost
Frost crystals
Gras in frost
Frost and fireweed seed
Moth entombed in frost
Frozen stream on the beach
Frost rose
Spruce and frost
Icy Stream
Ice tassels
Big frost
Icy waterfall
Katmai leading
Ice pans
Surf and Ice
Melting shore ice
Stream at sunset
Muddy ice floes
Forest Jumble
Shifting soil
Route choosing
Melting glacier margin
Lake Iliamna by Air
Taking a Drink
Surveying Lake Iliamna
Filling up Water
One Step at a Time
North Slope Oil Facility
Laminar flow in melting mud
Muddy water melting through ice
Journey Completed
Baldwin Peninsula
Fat-Bike To The Arctic - complete
Caribou hunter from Buckland
Morning Ice Fog
Ice Spokes
Sparse Firewood
Long Shadows Over Camp
Endless Tundra
Hoar Frost Tracks
Dressed For Travel
Family Outing
Trail Marker
Pause For Dawn
Loaded fat-bikes
Vast Seward Peninsula
Rime Coated Trees
Norton Sound
Sea Ice Crossing
Shaktoolik Village
Fat-Bike Over Tundra
Bike Through Shaktoolik
Warm Fire Cold Ocean
Tundra Trail
Hummock Ice
Tom Cod Ice Fishing
Ice Fishing
Arctic Explorer
Kaltag Portage
Kaltag Portage Sunset
Baby Sled
Mighty Yukon River
Ruby Cliffs
Ruby Beauties
Loaded Carver O'Beast
Magical Ice
Grewingk Glacier
Grewingk Glacier and Lake
Massive ice
Pleistocene terrace?
Katmai on skis
Erin skiing with the kids
Ice games
Warm tent on a cold ocean
Spring melting sea ice
Ice edge
Climbing the slope for a view
Drifts on ice berm
Flat light
Approaching Shishmaref
Ice bow over tent
Steep and frozen coastline
Paddling the edge of sea ice
Edge of thin ice
Sand dollar in ice
Melting permafrost
Mud is fun
Crossing the crack
Melting ice blocks
Nearly ready to packraft
Subnivean camp
Sunset and cold wind
Beach spring
Open water
The view from our cave
Broken ice
Jumbled ice
Sea ice
Lagoon skiing
Icy puddles
Ski challenges
Mud pool maze
Dark sky over open water
Tent on the sea ice
Fresh ice shove
Ice overhang
Two flavors of permafrost
Sticky mud
Permafrost bank
Ten thousand year cross-section
Kids love mud
Melting, oozing, eroding
Overhung permafrost
Kids investigate permafrost
What's under there?
Warm air on old ice
Melting permafrost
Eroding arctic
Ice hidden beneath the soil
Active layer
Coastal erosion of permafrost
Ice jumble campsite
Hilly ocean
Camp at sunset
Ice blocks
Ice jumble campsite small
New friend
Trench wall with possible tephra
Titanium goat tent
sea ice near the mountains
ice pile
Katmai skiing in bumpy ice
Near Cape York
At the polynya
Katmai on the edge of the ice
The edge between light and dark
Packrafts on the edge
Dark sky, light sky
Ice pans
Climbing an ice pile
Lituya climbing an ice pile
Katmai climbing an ice jumble
Turquoise pools
The edge of the ice
The last ice pile
Piles and pools
Pools and piles
Skiing by an ice pile
Skiing on a painting of the sky
Sea urchin in ice
Skiing in water
Running through a puddle
Into the puddles
Splish splash sploosh
Spring puddle maze
Birds on thawing ice
Last of the ice
Thin ice crushing together
End of the ice
Skiing on a painting of the sky
Skiing on a painting of the sky
Skiing on a painting of the sky
Skiing on a painting of the sky
Young kettle lake
Icy Highway
Tough to travel
Drowned forest
Frozen River
Glacier camp
Patterned ground
Gravel beneath alpine boulder
Avalanche snow on frozen lake
Icebreaker iceberg
Exploring ice caves
In the bottom of a Crevasse
Blue cave, shattered ice
Shallow frozen crevasse
Bending ice
Family portrait on a glacier
Dirty ice cave
Grewingk Glacier in winter
Huge frost crystals
Frost on an iceberg
Frosty iceberg
Island in the ice
Hole in the ice
Skating amongst icebergs
Skating on a glacial lake
Ice tunnel
Calving from berg in ice
Lens of glacial ice
Glacier cave entrance