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AJ Gold Mine: SummaryThe Alaska Juneau (AJ) mine operated from 1917 to 1944, producing 90 million tons of gold-bearing ore, and was one of the largest mines in the world at the time.  Currently, the City and Borough of Juneau controls the land, ... [read-more]
Beatson Copper Mine: Beatson Mine GET PHOTO Mine debris at Beatson Mine SummaryThe Beatson copper mine in Prince William Sound produced over 182 million pounds of copper from 1904-1930.  The mine site has an ongoing problem with acid mine drainage and is responsible ... [read-more]
Bokan Mountain Rare Earth Prospect: SummaryThe "Bokan - Dotson Ridge REE project" is located on Prince of Wales Island in SE Alaska.  The project, being undertaken by Ucore Rare Metals Inc. is focused on a deposit of rare earth elements.  This deposit has an unusually ... [read-more]
Goodnews Bay Platinum: Platinum GET PHOTO Platinum nugget from Goodnews Bay source: Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike SummaryPlacer mining for platinum has taken place intermittently in the area near Goodnews Bay in southwest Alaska since 1927.   Recently, a company called XS Platinum Limited was ... [read-more]
Illinois Creek Gold Mine: SummaryThe Illinois Creek Mine gold and silver mine in west central Alaska operated briefly in 1997, but the mining company went bankrupt in 1998.  The state of Alaska took control of the mine in 1999 and soon after initiated a ... [read-more]
Kennecott Copper Mine: SummaryThe Kennecott Copper Mine, for a time the largest copper mine in the world, operated from 1911 to 1938 in what is now Wrangell St. Elias National Park.   The mine produced a total of around 4.6 million tons of ore, ... [read-more]
Queen Chrome/Red Mountain Mine: Mining Mine shaft GET PHOTO Until prices tanked in the 1950s, Chrome was mined here. The Queen Chrome Mine (often called "Red Mountain Mine") operated on Red Mountain near the town of Seldovia from 1942-1944 and again from 1952-1957. The ... [read-more]
Red Devil Mercury Mine: BackgroundThe Red Devil Mine extracted cinnabar that was processed into mercury on-site sporadically from 1933 to 1971.  It was located in southwestern Alaska near the site of the proposed Donlin Creek Mine.  It produced a total of 2.7 million pounds ... [read-more]
Ross Adams Uranium Mine: Background Ross Adams Uranium Mine GET PHOTO USGS photo from the 1960's source: Public Domain The Ross Adams Mine operated sporadically from 1957 to 1971. The only commercial uranium mine in Alaskan history, the mine produced around 1.3 million pounds of ... [read-more]
Salt Chuck Mine: SummaryThe Salt Chuck Mine operated as copper-palladium-gold-silver mine from around 1916 to 1941. Located on Prince of Wales Island in southeast Alaska, the site has a significant problem with acid mine drainage and is on the EPA National Superfund priority ... [read-more]