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Kvanefjeld Prospect (Greenland): (This article was prepared to complement a gtt-sponsored expedition, "Unpeeling the Banana Coast" in 2012 and is no longer being maintained)SummaryThe Kvanefjeld Mine is a proposed open pit multi-element mine located in southwestern Greenland. Historically, the Kvanefjeld deposit was mined ... [read-more]

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Unpeeling the Banana Coast (Greenland): A Trek Through Southern Greenland (June 11th-August 9th 2012 by Josh Sturtevant and Brian Kennedy)Biographies: Who are we? Josh and Brian GET PHOTO Josh and Brian in Greenland Josh SturtevantJosh is a Maine native working towards a geology degree from ... [read-more]

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"Next Stop: Greenland"
First Crossing
Brattahlid- Erik the Red's Settlement
Tunulliarfik Fjord
Kalista's Farm
"The Children's Aboretum"- Igaliku, Greenland

Greenland Wildflower
Narsaq, Greenland
Welcomed darkness
The end of the road.
Narsaq, Greenland
Alpine lake
Narsaq, Greenland
Narsaq, Greenland
"The Comb"
The Prospect Land
Narsaq Valley
Sheep Farm
Greenland Minerals and Energy
GME Warehouse in Narsaq
Greenland Minerals and Energy
Greenland Minerals and Energy
Brian and Josh

Greenland Minerals and Energy- Kvanefjeld
Mine Adit
Greenland Minerals and Energy- Kvanefjeld
Seal Hunting
Sodalite deposit
Brian on "The Comb"
Off roading