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AJ Gold Mine: SummaryThe Alaska Juneau (AJ) mine operated from 1917 to 1944, producing 90 million tons of gold-bearing ore, and was one of the largest mines in the world at the time.  Currently, the City and Borough of Juneau controls the land, ... [read-more]
Chandalar Gold Prospect: BackgroundThe Chandalar mining prospect is a placer mining and early-stage hard rock exploration project located about 190 miles north of Fairbanks, Alaska.  The mining claims, held by Goldrich Mining Company, total around 22,840 acres and include both active placer claims ... [read-more]
Donlin Gold Project: SummaryThe Donlin Gold project is a proposed gold mine located in southwest Alaska.  This prospect is expected to produce around 1.5 million ounces of gold per year, and has an estimated resource base of around 34 million ounces (almost $56 ... [read-more]
Fort Knox Gold Mine: SummaryThe Fort Knox Mine, a large gold mine in Interior Alaska, produces around 370,000 ounces of gold per year.  This mine is a significant producer of mining waste in Alaska, but has had fewer environmental problems than many other large ... [read-more]
Gold Cyanidation: Cyanide Vat Leaching GET PHOTO Cyanide leach vats at Alaska's Fort Knox Mine source: Copyright held by photographer SummaryCyanide (CN), a single carbon atom triple-bonded to a nitrogen atom, has proved extremely useful in extracting gold from ore.  However, with a ... [read-more]
Illinois Creek Gold Mine: SummaryThe Illinois Creek Mine gold and silver mine in west central Alaska operated briefly in 1997, but the mining company went bankrupt in 1998.  The state of Alaska took control of the mine in 1999 and soon after initiated a ... [read-more]
Kensington Gold Mine: SummaryThe Kensington Gold Mine, a mid-sized underground mining project in southeast Alaska began production during the summer of 2010.  The mining prospect had been under study for many years, but fluctuations in gold prices and litigation questioning the disposal of ... [read-more]
KSM Gold-Copper Prospect: KSM (Kerr-Sulpheretts Mitchell) is a series of extremely large gold-copper porphyry ore deposits in British Columbia.  Located in rugged mountainous terrain near the BC-Alaska border, the prospecting company Seabridge Gold proposes to build one of North America’s largest mines at ... [read-more]
Livengood Gold Prospect: SummaryThe Livengood Project is located on a large gold resource located along the Trans Alaska Pipeline, about 70 miles north of Fairbanks. Talon Gold Alaska Inc. (a subsidiary of Canadian-based International Tower Hill Mines) is exploring the deposit, focusing on ... [read-more]
Niblack Gold Prospect: SummaryThe Niblack Project is a copper-zinc-gold-silver deposit located on Prince of Wales Island, about 30 miles southwest of Ketchikan.  The current "indicated resource" consists of 2.6 million tons of ore, composed of 1.18% copper, 2.19% zinc 2.33 g/t gold, and ... [read-more]
Nixon Fork Gold Mine: SummaryNixon Fork is a small, previously developed, gold and copper mine in Interior Alaska, which re-opened in July 2011 and then suspended operations in June 2013.  Operators hoped to produce another 100,000-150,000 ounces of gold over the course of 3-5 ... [read-more]
Pebble Mine (Copper/Gold Prospect): Our Pebble Articles Overview Block Caving Water Management Nearby Mining Claims Keystone Dialogue Perpetual Maintenance Tailings Storage Alternative Tailings Storage Opposition Powering Pebble Earthquake Risks Summary The proposed Pebble Mine is located in Southwest Alaska, on state land near Lake ... [read-more]
Pogo Gold Mine: Pogo Mine aerial view GET PHOTO Aerial view of the Pogo Mine source: Copyright held by photographer SummaryThe Pogo Mine is a large gold mine located in Interior Alaska, which produces around 400,000 ounces of gold per year.  This mine is ... [read-more]
Salt Chuck Mine: SummaryThe Salt Chuck Mine operated as copper-palladium-gold-silver mine from around 1916 to 1941. Located on Prince of Wales Island in southeast Alaska, the site has a significant problem with acid mine drainage and is on the EPA National Superfund priority ... [read-more]
Whistler Gold/Silver/Copper Prospect: SummaryThe Whistler gold/silver/copper prospect is located on the Skwentna River, about 100 miles northwest of Anchorage.  The current official resource estimate (a sum of the indicated plus inferred resource) is around 3 million ounces of gold, 13 million ounces of ... [read-more]

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Typical Mine Tailings Dam
Mine pit at Fort Knox hardrock gold mine
Tailings Dam at Fort Knox gold mine
Mining exploration
Rusting remains
Gold Jewelry
Where the Heck is Donlin?