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The History and Fate of Fountain Stream: Related Content Life on Ice Journey - main pageMelting by the Maps - an exploration of change and erosion near Fountain Stream from 1890 to 2011 Glacier Retreat in Alaska Global Warming in Alaska - overview Adventures in a Warming ... [read-more]

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The Dead and the Dying: A trip through the glaciers of Tutka Valley originally posted to the Ground Truth Trekking blog on September 13 2009  Last winter's meager snowfall was followed by volcanic ash, then a warm sunny spring, melting the mountains back to bare ... [read-more]

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PWS Bjorn and Kim
Kayaking through ice and fog.
PWS Bjorn and Kim
Unfortunate portage
Lituya on an Erratic
In front of Mt. Douglas
St. Elias and the Agassiz Glacier
Shifting soil
Route choosing
Melting glacier margin
Ice-top bushwhacking
Magical Ice
Grewingk Glacier
Grewingk Glacier and Lake
Massive ice
Sulphurets Creek
Clay outcrop
Hanging Glacier
Landslide hill
Young kettle
Tyndall Glacier
St. Elias Icefalls
Landslide rock on Tyndall Glacier
Tyndall and St. Elias
Aerial Photos of Icy Bay
Driving into Taan Fjord
Landslide Hummocks
Walking on Tsunami Deposit
Evening Cruise
Surveying Taan Fjord
Surveying the Highest Run-Up
Parasitic Jaeger (Stercorarius parasiticus)
Main Expedition Camp
Dr. Dan Shugar and Dr. Jeremy Venditti
Remote Control Multibeam Survey Boat
Launching Remote Control Boat
Field Office
First Launch
Shallow Water Mapping Boat
Remote Controlled Mapping Boat and Office
Ferrying People and Equipment
Glacier Office
Mapping Landslide Under Water
Glacier Office
Tyndal Glacier Marine Survey
Little Boat Big Survey
Little Boat Big Survey
The MV Gyre
MV Gyre In Taan Fjord
Landslide Office
Tyndall Glacier
Landslide And Glacier
Tyndall Glacier
Tyndall Glacier
Dr. Jeremy Venditti and Tyndall Glacier
Colin Bloom
Tsunami Deposit
Mount Saint Elias and Super-Cubs
Tsunami Deposit Trench
Two Erratics
Helicopter and Glaciers
Calving Event
Ice Choked Fjord
Birds-Eye View of the Landslide
MV Seawolf
Boats and Glaciers
Landslide Hummock
Aerial Photography
Field Trip
Massive Landslide
Scene of catastrophe
Glacial Seracs and Kluteith Rock
Tsunami sediment
Highest Tsunami Water Mark
Searching for 'Run-Up'
Following a Tsunami
High Pass
Tough to travel
Drowned forest
Paddling drowned forests
Taan Fjord
Glacier camp
Alpine bowl
Tutka Pass
1967 tsunami deposit
Sorted boulders
Fissure in Grewingk Bluff
Steep, recently deglaciated slopes
Geologist surveying landslide hazards
Aerial view of ground cracking
Tsunami iceberg keel mark
Possible landslide deposit
Icebreaker iceberg
Skating to Grewingk Glacier
Exploring ice caves
In the bottom of a Crevasse
Blue cave, shattered ice
Shallow frozen crevasse
Bending ice
Family portrait on a glacier
Dirty ice cave
Grewingk Glacier in winter
Frost on an iceberg
Frosty iceberg
Skating amongst icebergs
Ice tunnel
Calving from berg in ice
Lens of glacial ice
Looking up toward the blue light
Glacier cave entrance
Grewingk - Alpine Ridge cliff
Snowy cliffs
Winter on Grewingk
Grewingk Lake, August 1964
Grewingk Area
Disarticulating glacier
Blue Ice Trail view
Grewingk Lake
Active alpine crack
Minor sink hole
Crack in the mountain
Landslide gully
Bedrock spring
Grewingk slopes