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Dark forest
Oily Lake
Stranded ice bergs
Under the glacier
Thin veneer of rocks on ice
An unfortunate soil for trees
Frazzle ice
New iceberg, and icy forest
Glacier vista
Dawn on Icebergs
Ice cliff and forest
Melting cliff at Sitkagi Lagoon
Stranded tree on eroding beach
Flooded camp at Sitkagi Lagoon
Logs move out the entrance of Sitkagi Lagoon
A future river
Coastal Erosion at Malaspina Glacier
Waves crash at the entrance of Sitkagi Lagoon
A narrow fringe of trees
Dead edge of the forest
A new and growing lake.
Spruce roots trailing onto the beach
Buoy in the trees.
Tossed boulder
Forest Eroding at Malaspina Glacier