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Acid Mine Drainage: Acid Seep GET PHOTO Acid Seep in Nevada source: Copyright held by photographer Summary Acid mine drainage (AMD) refers to the outflow of acidic water from a mining site. In most cases, this acid comes primarily from oxidation of iron sulfide ... [read-more]
Alaska Coal Resource: Potential for future development: How much coal is in Alaska?  Industry and environmental groups in the state often make incredible claims: Alaska has a tenth, an eighth, or even as much as a fifth of the world's coal. Coal Resource Comparison: Coal Resources and ... [read-more]
Arctic Coal: Most of Alaska's coal can be found in the northern part of the state, north of the Brooks range, near the Chukchi and Beaufort Seas. 88% of the state's identified coal resources are in these Arctic deposits. Although this coal ... [read-more]
Benefits of Coal: History Coal has been used as a heat or energy source throughout the world since at least the Bronze Age. Coal was an important fuel for the Romans in the West as well as in China around the same period. ... [read-more]
Bering River Coal Field: News In January 2017 the mineral rights for a large portion of these coal fields were permanently retired. Background Kushtaka Lake GET PHOTO An aerial view of Kushtaka Lake, looking out over the Bering River Delta The Bering River Coal ... [read-more]
Block Caving: Our Pebble Articles Overview Block Caving Water Management Nearby Mining Claims Keystone Dialogue Perpetual Maintenance Tailings Storage Alternative Tailings Storage Opposition Powering Pebble Earthquake Risks Block caving is an underground hard rock mining method that involves undermining an ore body, ... [read-more]
Carbon Capture and Sequestration (CCS): Is 'carbon capture' from coal possible?When coal is burned, large amounts of carbon dioxide (CO2) are released into the atmosphere. Releases of CO2 from coal-fired power plants make up around 40% of total CO2 emissions in the US, and are ... [read-more]
Chuitna Coal Mine Prospect: A journey to Chuitna ...We began with a mission to look for coal. And we found a little. But as soon as we stepped away from the scattered coal boulders in the Chuitna River, it disappeared – hidden deep beneath ... [read-more]
Coal Fires: Coal Seam Fires: Coal can burn unchecked, while still in the ground. FULL FIGURE Because coal is so readily combustible, it is possible for coal deposits to catch fire while still in the ground. These coal seam fires are a ... [read-more]
Drift River Oil Terminal: Tanks at the Drift River Oil Terminal GET PHOTO Storage tanks for oil source: Copyright held by photographer Introduction  The Drift River Oil Terminal is a short-term oil storage facility on Cook Inlet that is controversial due to its vulnerability to ... [read-more]
Earthquake Risk at Pebble: Our Pebble Articles Overview Block Caving Water Management Nearby Mining Claims Keystone Dialogue Perpetual Maintenance Tailings Storage Alternative Tailings Storage Opposition Powering Pebble Earthquake Risks A major earthquake could cause the collapse or failure of giant earthworks at the proposed ... [read-more]
Glacier Retreat in Alaska: Glacier Retreat in Alaska The Dead and the Dying - through the glaciers of Tutka Valley READ ARTICLE Last winter's meager snowfall was followed by volcanic ash, then a warm sunny spring, melting the mountains back to bare ice and ... [read-more]
Gold Mining Methods: There are strange things done in the midnight sun By the men who moil for gold... -Robert Service (1907) SummaryHistorically, the majority of gold was mined from "placer deposits", where gold has settled out of an existing or ancient waterway ... [read-more]
Hydraulic Fracturing ("Fracking") in Alaska: The controversial "massive" (or high-volume) fracking has little current application in Alaska's conventional petroleum fields, but could be used to develop Alaska's smaller unconventional petroleum fields. It is currently being explored as an option by Great Bear LLC for the Great Bear ... [read-more]
Quantifying coal: How much is there?: 1/8th of the world's coal? An oft-quoted statistic is that Alaska has 1/8th of the world's coal, around 1/2 of the total from the US. This may well be the best available estimate of Alaska coal resource, but it relies ... [read-more]
Types and Composition of Coal: Your browser does not support iframes. Coal Geology in Alaska Known coal formations in Alaska. Darker colors correspond to higher coal grades. While "coal" is often described as a single commodity, in fact coal varies widely in important physical characteristics ... [read-more]

Photos tagged Geology

Sea Arch
Ancient Shorelines
Kamishak fault hunt 2010
Kamishak fault hunt 2010
Kamishak fault hunt 2010
Cape Lisburne beach
Lake Iliamna terraces
Lake Iliamna terraces
Lake Iliamna terraces
Lake Iliamna terraces
Lake Iliamna terraces
Lake Iliamna terraces
Lake Iliamna terraces
Lake Iliamna terraces
Lake Iliamna terraces
Lake Iliamna terraces
Lake Iliamna terraces
Lake Iliamna terraces
Lake Iliamna terraces
Lake Iliamna terraces
Lake Iliamna terraces
Clay swirl
Sand dikes and sills
Liquefaction evidence
Cracking bedrock
Eroding permafrost bluff
Armored mud ball
Lisburne Hills
Permafrost slump
Ice overhang
Thick sequence of deformed seds
Dish structures?
Deformed seds
Liquefied mud
Deformed seds
Deformed seds
Deformed very low-contrast lake sands
Slide on Iliamna
Slide on Iliamna 2
Dissertation packrafting
Needle ice
Katmai and Michael
Connected to the Ocean
Storm waves
Peat shorelines
Pre-schooler bouldering
View from a cave
Kids in a Cave
Coal and Mud
Shell beach
Stark and cold
Tertiary fault
Lituya on an Erratic
Erosion control structures
1964 Earthquake evidence
Layered Turnagain Mud
Eroding ghost forest
Silty sand sieve deposits
Atop an erratic
Liquefaction dance
Testing the mud
Frosty mud cracks
Cave wriggling
Leaf fossil
Melting glacier margin
Sea arch from above on the Iniskin Peninsula
Camp in the sea arch
Iniskin Peninsula cave
Sea arch camp
Fossilized leaves
North shore of Lake Iliamna
Northwest shorline of Lake Iliamna
Caleb Skis on Lake Iliamna
Laminar flow in melting mud
Partially deformed lakebottom sediment
Large pseudonodule below dish structures
Outcrop on Lake Iliamna
Granite Hot Springs
Ascending to Crater Peak
Grewingk Glacier
Grewingk Glacier and Lake
Red Mountain Valley
Silt Ripples
Surf at Icy Point
Biofilm fragments?
Tracks in biofilm sand
High salt marsh in Redoubt Bay
Tidal Slough
Eroding peat
Grassy waterfall
Subsided tropical forest
Coral, high and dry
Left behind by the ocean
A coral remembers earthquakes past
Coastline up and down
Drowned trees, raised
Coral boulder
Tsunami landscape
Tsunami trim line
Tsunami damage to mangroves
Mangrove damage
Tsunami mangroves
Tsunami trimline
Ocean gone
Soil outcropping in beach
Clay outcrop
Cobbles on peat
Faulted rock
Outside beach
Sheared rock under peat
Till outcrop in beach
Golden leaves in the Golden Triangle
Clastic dike
Action Geology
Sand catwalk
Iron oxide cement
Layered sand and gravel
Deformed sediment
Perched in a Pseudonodule
Wearing the geologist hat
Andrew on the Outcrop
Beach gravels
Mud dike
Lake shore beach ridges
Ventifacts and liesegang banding
Liesegang Banding
Ventifacts and liesegang banding
Hanna Craig
Outcrop video
Normal faulting
Strange lineation
Ghost forest recolonized
Mud intruding up through sand
Pleistocene terrace?
Samples for analysis
Nine feet down
Preparing to dig a peat pit
Spring melting sea ice
Archaeological deposit
Steep and frozen coastline
Melting permafrost
Sand pillars
Sandy snow ripples
The view from our cave
Two flavors of permafrost
Permafrost bank
Ten thousand year cross-section
Kids love mud
Overhung permafrost
Kids investigate permafrost
What's under there?
Warm air on old ice
Melting permafrost
Eroding arctic
Ice hidden beneath the soil
Active layer
Active layer over permafrost
Coastal erosion of permafrost
Hilly ocean
Sampling peat in Seldovia
Drain-pipe peat monolith
Peat monolith
Peat outcrop
Geologist at a peat outcrop
Intertidal peat
Layered peat with thin tephra
Sampling intertidal peat
Columnar jointed cliffs
Flanks of Recheshnoi Volcano
Where the earth bleeds heat
Lava slide
Lava field
Exposed stratigraphy in Okmok Caldera
Small crater lake
Blue crater lake
Caldera surfaces
Okmok Badlands
Giant spring in Okmok Caldera
Silt and clay layers
Lava cave
Ship Rock
Camping on an uplifted shoreline
Boulder and sand tsunami deposit
Tsunami scour?
Tsunami scour?
Makushin Volcano
Aleutian sea arch
Rock walls
Giant sea cave
Column cliffs and swells
Tsunami log above the Unalaska coast
Kamchatka rhododendron
Camped on cinders
Steam vent
Cinder scootch
Warmth-loving goo
Caldera camp
Steam vents
Okmok badland explorer
Hot springs meal
Winding way
Steam vents
Tiny natural harbor
Aleutian fjord
Peat layer
Trench wall with possible tephra
Tertiary fault on Homer beach
Sheared Tertiary coal and siltstone
Family trekking in volcano
Mysterious plant fossils
Dendritic plant rhizome
Hanging Glacier
Ammonite amongst boulders
Pakushin crater
Fault spring
Limit of tsunami inundation
Young kettle
Tsunami deposit trench
Large tsunami boulder
Flattened trees and boulder
Tsunami impacts
Lone tree
Impact marks
Young kettles
Tsunami destruction
Boulder tsunami deposit
Tsunami embedded stone
View from up high
Surveying a high tsunami
Not actually above it all
Tyndall Glacier
Landslide rock on Tyndall Glacier
More than a pebble
Digging in a tsunami deposit
Tsunami trim-line
Rugged surveyor
Tyndall and St. Elias
Aerial Photos of Icy Bay
Driving into Taan Fjord
Under the Landslide
Landslide Hummocks
Walking on Tsunami Deposit
Evening Cruise
Surveying Taan Fjord
Surveying the Highest Run-Up
Surveying in Front of the Slide
Parasitic Jaeger (Stercorarius parasiticus)
Main Expedition Camp
Dr. Dan Shugar and Dr. Jeremy Venditti
Third Icy Bay Expedition
Remote Control Multibeam Survey Boat
Field "Office"
Launching Remote Control Boat
Field Office
First Launch
Shallow Water Mapping Boat
Remote Controlled Mapping Boat and Office
Ferrying People and Equipment
Glacier Office
Mapping Landslide Under Water
Glacier Office
Tyndal Glacier Marine Survey
Little Boat Big Survey
Little Boat Big Survey
The MV Gyre
MV Gyre In Taan Fjord
Landslide Office
Tyndall Glacier
Landslide And Glacier
Tyndall Glacier
Tyndall Glacier
Dr. Jeremy Venditti and Tyndall Glacier
Colin Bloom
Tsunami Deposit
Tsunami Deposit Trench
Two Erratics
Helicopter and Glaciers
Calving Event
Ice Choked Fjord
Birds-Eye View of the Landslide
MV Seawolf
Boats and Glaciers
Landslide Hummock
Aerial Photography
Field Trip
Massive Landslide
Scene of catastrophe
Tsunami bullets
Glacial Seracs and Kluteith Rock
Tsunami sediment
Highest Tsunami Water Mark
Searching for 'Run-Up'
Following a Tsunami
Icy Highway
Tough to travel
Drowned forest
Paddling drowned forests
Boulder gravel
Sediment beneath boulder
Packrafter and pyroclastic deposits
Sierra de Laguna Gorge
Baja geomorphology
Tsunami impacts in Taan Fiord
Alpine sorted pebbles
Sorted pebbles near a boulder
Grains sorted by wind and rain
Tutka tundra campsite
1967 tsunami deposit
Exploring a tsunami deposit
Tandem packrafting
River avulsion
Wosnesenski to Stonehocker channel
Ghost forest
Sorted alpine pebbles
Patterned ground
Gravel beneath alpine boulder
Aeolian trash
Aeolian grain-size transition
Aeolian megaripples
Boulder arch
Desert coast
Weathered desert stone
Dune panorama
Cobbles of Lake Titicaca
Shifting sands
Ignimbrite on the Altiplano
Altiplano rock formation
Altiplano gully
Fissure in Grewingk Bluff
Steep, recently deglaciated slopes
Complex fracture patterns
Geologist surveying landslide hazards
Possible graben-pond
Looking over the edge
Graben pond with fissure
Cracked mountain top
Evidence of instability
Alpine Ridge
Cracks in the mouintain
Aerial view of ground cracking
Tsunami iceberg keel mark
Possible landslide deposit
Island in the ice
Skating amongst icebergs
Grewingk - Alpine Ridge cliff
Snowy cliffs
Winter on Grewingk
Grewingk Lake, August 1964
Grewingk Area
Active fissure
Ancient wood, goofy geologist
Disarticulating glacier
Blue Ice Trail view
Grewingk Lake
Active alpine crack
Minor sink hole
Crack in the mountain
Hard rock in Tutka Pass
Tertiary fossil
Possible bone fossil
Detail of fossil
Possible bone fossil
Possible bone fossil
Possible bone fossil
Possible bone fossil
Possible bone fossil
Possible bone fossil
Possible bone fossil
Tertiary fossil
Landslide gully
Bedrock spring
Grewingk slopes
Walking on aeolian megaripples
Long wavelength wind-blown ripples