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Drift River Oil Terminal: Tanks at the Drift River Oil Terminal GET PHOTO Storage tanks for oil source: Copyright held by photographer Introduction  The Drift River Oil Terminal is a short-term oil storage facility on Cook Inlet that is controversial due to its vulnerability to ... [read-more]
Earthquake Risk at Pebble: Our Pebble Articles Overview Block Caving Water Management Nearby Mining Claims Keystone Dialogue Perpetual Maintenance Tailings Storage Alternative Tailings Storage Opposition Powering Pebble Earthquake Risks A major earthquake could cause the collapse or failure of giant earthworks at the proposed ... [read-more]

Photos tagged Geologic Hazards

Thick sequence of deformed seds
Partially deformed lakebottom sediment
Large pseudonodule below dish structures
Outcrop on Lake Iliamna
Subsided tropical forest
Coral, high and dry
Left behind by the ocean
A coral remembers earthquakes past
Coastline up and down
Drowned trees, raised
Coral boulder
Tsunami landscape
Tsunami trim line
Tsunami damage to mangroves
Mangrove damage
Tsunami mangroves
Tsunami trimline
Ocean gone
Clastic dike
Deformed sediment
Wearing the geologist hat
Outcrop video
Strange lineation
Ghost forest recolonized
Saltwater peat
Peat layer
Trench wall with possible tephra
Tertiary fault on Homer beach
Sheared Tertiary coal and siltstone
Tsunami damage, bear for scale
Landslide hill
Limit of tsunami inundation
Tsunami flattened trees
Young kettle
Tsunami deposit trench
Large tsunami boulder
Flattened trees and boulder
Tsunami impacts
Lone tree
Impact marks
Nearly naked cottonwood
Cottonwood limb sprouting
Tsunami destruction
Boulder tsunami deposit
Tsunami embedded stone
View from up high
Surveying a high tsunami
Not actually above it all
Expensive walking stick
Scientist tent-village
Taan fjord
More than a pebble
Digging in a tsunami deposit
Tsunami trim-line
Runway work
Rugged surveyor
Ready to survey
Aerial Photos of Icy Bay
Driving into Taan Fjord
Under the Landslide
Trench in Hoof-Hill Fan
Landslide Hummocks
Walking on Tsunami Deposit
Evening Cruise
Surveying Taan Fjord
Surveying the Highest Run-Up
Surveying in Front of the Slide
Parasitic Jaeger (Stercorarius parasiticus)
Main Expedition Camp
Dr. Dan Shugar and Dr. Jeremy Venditti
Third Icy Bay Expedition
Remote Control Multibeam Survey Boat
Field "Office"
Launching Remote Control Boat
Field Office
First Launch
Shallow Water Mapping Boat
Remote Controlled Mapping Boat and Office
Ferrying People and Equipment
Glacier Office
Mapping Landslide Under Water
Glacier Office
Tyndal Glacier Marine Survey
Little Boat Big Survey
Little Boat Big Survey
The MV Gyre
MV Gyre In Taan Fjord
Landslide Office
Tyndall Glacier
Landslide And Glacier
Tyndall Glacier
Tyndall Glacier
Dr. Jeremy Venditti and Tyndall Glacier
Colin Bloom
Tsunami Deposit
Mount Saint Elias and Super-Cubs
Tsunami Deposit Trench
High-Tech and Low-Tech
Skiff Ride to the Landslide
Two Erratics
Main Expedition Team
Helicopter Pilot
Helicopter and Glaciers
Calving Event
Ice Choked Fjord
Birds-Eye View of the Landslide
MV Seawolf
Boats and Glaciers
Aerial Photography
Field Trip
Scene of catastrophe
Tsunami bullets
Glacial Seracs and Kluteith Rock
Tsunami sediment
Highest Tsunami Water Mark
Searching for 'Run-Up'
Following a Tsunami
Boulder gravel
Fissure in Grewingk Bluff
Steep, recently deglaciated slopes
Geologist surveying landslide hazards
Possible graben-pond
Looking over the edge
Graben pond with fissure
Cracked mountain top
Evidence of instability
Cracks in the mouintain
Aerial view of ground cracking
Tsunami iceberg keel mark
Possible landslide deposit
Grewingk Lake, August 1964
Active fissure
Active alpine crack
Minor sink hole
Crack in the mountain
Landslide gully
Bedrock spring
Grewingk slopes