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Alaska Coal and Carbon Dioxide Emissions: Coal Seam in Alaska GET PHOTO Alaska has a rich coal resource SummaryAlaska has an enormous coal resource, and if this resource were heavily exploited and Alaska became a "coal superpower", Alaska's coal would make a tremendous contribution to global ... [read-more]
Alaska Coal History: Coal was first discovered in Alaska by an English trader in 1786. The deposit was located at Coal Cove, near Port Graham Bay on the Kenai Peninsula. The Russian-American Company began mining at this site almost 70 years later in ... [read-more]
Alaska Coal Resource: Potential for future development: How much coal is in Alaska?  Industry and environmental groups in the state often make incredible claims: Alaska has a tenth, an eighth, or even as much as a fifth of the world's coal. Coal Resource Comparison: Coal Resources and ... [read-more]
Arctic Coal: Most of Alaska's coal can be found in the northern part of the state, north of the Brooks range, near the Chukchi and Beaufort Seas. 88% of the state's identified coal resources are in these Arctic deposits. Although this coal ... [read-more]
Beluga Coal-to-Liquids (CTL): Winter sunrise on the Chuitna River GET PHOTO In the winter of 2008, we skied through the site of the proposed Chuitna Coal Mine on our way to the Aleutian Islands. PacRim Coal was pursuing a possible coal mine in ... [read-more]
Benefits and Risks of Massive Fracking: Misleading Memes in the Fracking Debate If it seems hard to make sense of massive fracking, that's because it is. Anti- and pro-fracking camps have saturated the fracking debate with  misleading, incomplete, and "spun" information.  Key data are often trade secrets, ... [read-more]
Benefits of Coal: History Coal has been used as a heat or energy source throughout the world since at least the Bronze Age. Coal was an important fuel for the Romans in the West as well as in China around the same period. ... [read-more]
Bering River Coal Field: News In January 2017 the mineral rights for a large portion of these coal fields were permanently retired. Background Kushtaka Lake GET PHOTO An aerial view of Kushtaka Lake, looking out over the Bering River Delta The Bering River Coal ... [read-more]
Bethel Coal Plant: Bethel GET PHOTO Port of Bethel summer 2012 The 100-MW Bethel Power Plant was proposed as a collaboration between the Calista, an Alaska Native Corporation, and the gold-mining company NovaGold Resources Inc. The plant was to have powered the proposed ... [read-more]
Canyon Creek Coal Leases: Your browser does not support iframes. Canyon Creek Coal Lease Area DNR is proposing a competitive lease sale here near the Squentna River, on the eastern edge of the Susitna Valley. SummaryThe Alaska Department of Natural Resources has decided to ... [read-more]
Carbon Capture and Sequestration (CCS): Is 'carbon capture' from coal possible?When coal is burned, large amounts of carbon dioxide (CO2) are released into the atmosphere. Releases of CO2 from coal-fired power plants make up around 40% of total CO2 emissions in the US, and are ... [read-more]
Chickaloon Coal Leases: SummaryPlans for developing the Chickaloon Coal Field in the Matanuska Valley were previously abandoned in 2007, but were resurrected in 2011 when the Alaskan Mental Health Trust Authority (AMHTA) offered up 10,000 acres of coal leases.  The company which obtained ... [read-more]
Chuitna Coal Mine Prospect: A journey to Chuitna ...We began with a mission to look for coal. And we found a little. But as soon as we stepped away from the scattered coal boulders in the Chuitna River, it disappeared – hidden deep beneath ... [read-more]
Chukchi Sea Oil and Gas Development: (Note: Given the events of late 2015 as detailed below, we stopped updating this article at that time)SummaryOffshore drilling for oil and gas in Alaska's Chukchi Sea has both great economic potential and a significant risk of adverse environmental impact. ... [read-more]
Coalbed Methane: SummaryCoalbed methane (also called coal mine methane) refers to methane gas that is trapped within minuscule fractures in coal seams.  Once viewed solely as a hazard of coal mining, this gas has received recent attention for its use as an ... [read-more]
Coal Combustion Methods: Coal can be used in a wide variety of ways, ranging from direct burning to produce heat and/or steam to newer methods of coal gasification and liquefaction (including coal-to-liquids). The following is a summary of coal combustion methods relevant to ... [read-more]
Coal Impacts: Every form of energy development impacts both people and the environment. However, coal creates greater negative impacts than almost any other energy source, whether fossil or renewable. These impacts take place throughout the lifecycle of coal, from mining to post-combustion ... [read-more]
Coal Mining: Alaska minescape GET PHOTO The two largest of Usibelli coal mines, active Two Bull Ridge in the foreground, and partially reclaimed and inactive Poker Flats in the background. Mining for coal can be divided into two major categories, underground mining ... [read-more]
Coal Power in Alaska: Your browser does not support iframes. Coal Power in Alaska Existing and proposed coal-fired power plants in Alaska. Less than 10% of Alaska's electricity comes from coal. Most is from gas, hydro, and oil. There are six small coal-fired power ... [read-more]
Coal Terminology: Resource & Reserve: Note: All statistics from the US have been converted from short tons to metric tons.Note: While the exact details may differ, this is basically the same measurement systems used for minerals and petroleum. How much coal is there? Behind the ... [read-more]
Coal to Liquids (CTL): The rising costs of fuel, combined with the fact that the U.S. has larger reserves of coal than it does oil, have prompted an upsurge of interest in the possibility of generating liquid fuels (such as gasoline and diesel) from ... [read-more]
Emma Creek Coal Energy: Coal along Emma Creek GET PHOTO Soft sandstone bluffs striped with jet-black coal alongside Emma Creek The Emma Creek Energy Project was a proposal for a large coal-fired power plant that still remains in the conception process. This 200 megawatt ... [read-more]
Exporting Alaska's Coal: Coal exports in Alaska have fallen dramatically over the last few years as prices and demand have dropped worldwide.  The primary exports in recent years were to Chile and the Pacific Rim by Usibelli Coal Mine Inc.  In 2011 Usibelli ... [read-more]
Exxon Valdez Oil Spill: SummaryThe 1989 Exxon Valdez Oil spill released millions of gallons of crude oil into Prince William Sound Alaska.   It was the worst environmental disaster in Alaska history, and occured in a very sensitive coastal ecosystem, magnifying damage.  The spill ... [read-more]
Fairbanks Coal-to-Liquids (CTL): BackgroundThe Fairbanks Economic Development Corporation (FEDC) has recently proposed a 20,000-40,000 barrels per day combined biomass and coal-to-liquids (CTL) plant to provide jet fuel to nearby military bases (primarily Eielson Air Force Base). The FEDC commissioned a $550,000 study to ... [read-more]
Healy Clean Coal Plant:  This experimental coal-fired power plant ran during a brief period from 1998 to 1999, but has been shut down ever since due to a legal dispute. Attempts were made in 2015/2016 to test and restart the equipment, the future of ... [read-more]
Healy Coal-to-Liquids (CTL): Energy frontier GET PHOTO The site of the proposed Emma Creek Power Energy Project and Healy CTL project. In 2007 a feasibility study(3.6 Mb) was completed regarding a proposed 14,600 barrel (around 7300 tons of coal) per day coal-to-liquids (CTL) ... [read-more]
Herring Fishery in Alaska: SummaryHerring have been historically harvested in Alaska for food, oil, bait and now sac roe (eggs).  In addition to their commercial importance, herring act as a critical bridge between primary producers and the larger animals in the food web.  Herring ... [read-more]
Jonesville Coal Mine: Background Mine-water settling pond GET PHOTO Two ponds alternate in the role of settling sediment carried by a stream coming out of the old Evan Jones coal mine. The Evans Jones Coal Mine operated between 1920 and 1968 in Sutton, ... [read-more]
Kenai Blue Sky Coal Power: Kenai Fertilizer Plant GET PHOTO Site of the now-closed Agrium plant near Nikiski source: Copyright held by photographer The Kenai Blue Sky Coal Plant was a proposed $1.5-2 billion integrated gasification combined-cycle (IGCC) plant proposed by Agrium Inc. to be located ... [read-more]
Matanuska Coal Plant: Matanuska Electric Association (MEA) began working on a proposal for a 100-megawatt circulating fluid bed coal plant to be located south of Palmer, AK and supplied with coal from Usibelli Coal Mine Inc. From the start, this was strongly opposed ... [read-more]
Nanushuk Coal Prospect: News: After several years of no documented activity (to early 2017) related to this project, we are classifying it as "inactive". This page will be kept for reference Nanushuk coal GET PHOTO Coal seams outcrop on the Kukpowruk River SummaryIn ... [read-more]
Natural Gas in Cook Inlet: datamooseCallbacks_S6WVG8dwIcDD.push(function(datamooseIframe){ $("#DatamooseDescriptionWrapper-data-output-embed-131-S6WVG8dwIcDD").css('display','block') $("#DatamooseDescriptionWrapper-data-output-embed-131-S6WVG8dwIcDD").width( }); Cook Inlet Natural Gas Production and Export: Production and Exports of Natural Gas in Cook Inlet (1958-2010) FULL FIGURE SummaryThe natural gas produced in Cook Inlet is the primary source of energy and heat for the ... [read-more]
Non-Renewable Energy in Alaska: (NOTE:  This article was written in 2010 and is no longer maintained since most of the information has been superseded by newer articles/sections of the website.  Click the following links for Oil/Gas, Coal, or Coalbed Methane)Alaska is famous for oil, ... [read-more]
Northern Gateway Oil Pipeline Project (Canada): (Note:  This article was up-to-date as of August 2012 and has not been maintained since)SummaryThe Canadian Northern Gateway Pipeline Project has proposed a pair of 1,200 km pipelines that would link the tar sand oil fields of northern Alberta with ... [read-more]
Oil Degradation in the Sea: SummaryWhen oil enters the water from natural or manmade sources it begins to degrade, taking anywhere from days to decades depending on conditions.  Processes that spread the oil through the environment usually speed up this degradation.  However other factors such ... [read-more]
Peak Coal: Coal omen? GET PHOTO A raven perches on top of a coal pile near the Seward docks. Closely tied to the issue of coal resources and reserves is the idea of "peak coal" which is the analog to the well-studied ... [read-more]
Powering Pebble: Our Pebble Articles Overview Block Caving Water Management Nearby Mining Claims Keystone Dialogue Perpetual Maintenance Tailings Storage Alternative Tailings Storage Opposition Powering Pebble Earthquake Risks Far from the Rail-belt GET PHOTO Alaska's main electric grid, commonly called the 'rail belt,' ... [read-more]
Quantifying coal: How much is there?: 1/8th of the world's coal? An oft-quoted statistic is that Alaska has 1/8th of the world's coal, around 1/2 of the total from the US. This may well be the best available estimate of Alaska coal resource, but it relies ... [read-more]
Road to Umiat: SummaryThe Road to Umiat (officially known as the Foothills West Transportation Access Project) is a proposed 100-mile road from the Dalton Highway to the outpost of Umiat in the North Slope Borough.  The goal of the $400 million project is ... [read-more]
Seward Coal Terminal:    Loading coal GET PHOTO A worker stands in a plume of coal dust, as coal pours into a ship at the Seward port. The Seward Coal Loading Facility, referred to as the Seward Coal Terminal, was built in 1984 ... [read-more]
Stone Horn Ridge Underground Coal Gasification (CIRI UCG): News: After several years of no documented activity (to early 2017) related to this project, we are classifying it as "inactive". This page will be kept for reference Background Marsh meander GET PHOTO Land within the CIRI UCG lease On ... [read-more]
Sulfolane Contamination in Alaska: Summary Sulfolane, an industrial solvent used in the production of gasoline, has been detected since 2000 in groundwater located near the North Pole oil refinery, with the sulfolane slowly spreading outside the refinery boundaries.  In 2009 sulfolane was discovered in ... [read-more]
The Long-Term Socioeconomic Impact of Coal Development in Alaska: Building extensive coal infrastructure virtually ensures that a society will mine or burn larger amounts of coal in the future than it otherwise would, absent such infrastructure. This is due to the relatively low ongoing usage costs of such infrastructure, ... [read-more]
Tyonek Coal-to-Liquids (CTL): SummaryIn October 2010, the Tyonek Native Corporation (TNC) announced that they had signed an agreement with a technology company called Accelergy to develop a coal-to-liquids (CTL) plant on Tyonek land.  This facility would produce aviation fuel as well as gasoline ... [read-more]
Types and Composition of Coal: Your browser does not support iframes. Coal Geology in Alaska Known coal formations in Alaska. Darker colors correspond to higher coal grades. While "coal" is often described as a single commodity, in fact coal varies widely in important physical characteristics ... [read-more]
Unconventional Oil and Gas in Alaska: North Slope Pipelines GET PHOTO Pipelines crossing tundra west of Prudhoe Bay in Alaska's Arctic. source: Public Domain Nearly all known unconventional petroleum in Alaska is located on the North Slope.  Although most of Alaska’s petroleum reserves are "conventional fields," where ... [read-more]
Underground Coal Gasification (UCG): Underground Coal Gasification (UCG) involves igniting coal in the ground, then collecting and using the gases that result from its partial combustion. Although the idea dates back over a century, very few UCG plants have ever been built. Underground gasification ... [read-more]
Uses of Coal: For much of modern human history, the primary use of coal was combustion in the home or in factories to produce heat. The majority of coal is still burned for electricity production, but usually in centralized power plants. Much of ... [read-more]
Usibelli Coal Mines: In 1943, Usibelli Coal Mine Inc. was founded by Emil Usibelli in order to provide coal to the precursor of Fort Wainwright. The mines that Usibelli operates take advantage of abundant subbituminous coal near the surface in the Healy area, ... [read-more]
Wishbone Hill Coal Mine: Background The Wishbone Hill Mine is a proposed coal mine in the Matanuska Valley approximately 5 miles west of downtown Sutton, AK. The site is on the border of the Sutton/Alpine and Buffalo/Soapstone Community Council boundaries and is within a ... [read-more]
Alaska Oil and Gas:   Oil and Gas Articles Benefits and Risks of Massive Hydraulic FracturingChukchi Sea Oil and Gas DevelopmentCoalbed MethaneDrift River Oil TerminalExxon Valdez Oil SpillHydrofracking in AlaskaNatural Gas in Cook InletNorthern Gateway Pipeline Project (Canada)Oil Degradation in the SeaSulfolane Contamination in AlaskaUnconventional ... [read-more]
Other Issues: The primary goal of our website is to provide accurate, up-to-date information on natural resource issues, with a particular focus on Alaska.  Currently we have sections with detailed articles on Coal and Metals Mining.  We are currently working on developing ... [read-more]

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Jackup rig in Cook Inlet
Exploration rig entering Kachemak Bay
Exploration rig entering Kachemak Bay
Exploration rig entering Kachemak Bay
Sculpted peat
Gastropods and coal
Armored mud ball
Buccaneer Jackup Rig in transit
Transport ship Kang Sheng Kou