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Forestry Management in Alaska: Land in Alaska is managed by the Federal government (51%), local governments (25%), Native Corporations (24%) and private landowners (0.4%).  All four of these groups own and manage tracts of Alaska forest.  Debate continues over priorities for the use and ... [read-more]
Forestry Terminology: Forestry TerminologyCertain forestry terms can be deceiving: a “productive” forest does not necessarily grow fast, a “commercial” forest is not necessarily marketable, and “old growth” trees are not necessarily large.   This article explains a few of these terms. Big tree ... [read-more]
Logging on the Tongass National Forest: Some terminology used in this article is explained in "Forestry Terminology" Old-growth stump GET PHOTO Tongass National Forest IntroductionLogging on the Tongass National Forest, the largest U.S. National Forest (considered the “crown jewel” of the National Forest system), occurs predominantly ... [read-more]
Temperate Rainforests of the Northern Pacific Coast: (Author's Note:  This article was written in 2007 by Erin McKittrick as part of our preparation for the Journey on the Wild Coast.  For up to date and more neutral articles on a variety of natural resource issues in Alaska ... [read-more]
Wildfire in Alaska: Fire Distribution Fire Ecology Size of Alaska Fires Insect Infestations Fire and Weather Intensity of Burning Acreage Burned Climate Change Conclusion Fire is not a problem to be solved in Alaska, but a natural process to be managed.  However, dramatic ... [read-more]

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Forest Jumble
Melting glacier margin
Bear Lake
No more roof
Vegetation taking over
Paddling drowned forests
Frosty forest