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Ring of Fire: Alpacka Gnu and trailer GET PHOTO Kim and I will be using a two person Gnu packraft and a trailer to carry our bikes on our Ring of Fire expedition.  Between South East Alaska and South Central Alaska lies the ... [read-more]

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Journey Completed
Arctic Dog Musher
Baldwin Peninsula
Fat-Bike To The Arctic - complete
Caribou hunter from Buckland
Morning Ice Fog
Ice Spokes
Arctic Shelter
Sparse Firewood
Long Shadows Over Camp
Endless Tundra
Hoar Frost Tracks
Dressed For Travel
Family Outing
Ground Blizzard
Trail Marker
Sunrise Through Ice Fog
Pause For Dawn
Granite Hot Springs
Loaded fat-bikes
Cold Nights warm Shelter
Stoke The Stove
Vast Seward Peninsula
Rime Coated Trees
Norton Sound
Caribou And Seal Oil
Sea Ice Crossing
Shaktoolik Village
Fat-Bike Over Tundra
Bike Through Shaktoolik
Warm Fire Cold Ocean
Tundra Trail
Hummock Ice
Tom Cod Ice Fishing
Ice Fishing
Arctic Explorer
Kaltag Portage
Kaltag Portage Sunset
Fat-Bike Overaul
Ground Blizzard On The Protage
Baby Sled
Mighty Yukon River
Ruby Cliffs
Ruby Beauties
Innoko Shelter Cabin
Fellow Travelers
Farewell Lake
Tired Dogs
Pushing On
Sled Dogs
Rainy Pass Summit
Climbing Rainy Pass
To the Mountains
Cooking Out
Rainy Pass Lodge
Thaw Freeze
Dawn Light
Sloppy Trail
The Trail Awaits
Loaded Carver O'Beast
Flathorn Lake
Morning Has Broken