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Hydraulic Fracturing ("Fracking") in Alaska: The controversial "massive" (or high-volume) fracking has little current application in Alaska's conventional petroleum fields, but could be used to develop Alaska's smaller unconventional petroleum fields. It is currently being explored as an option by Great Bear LLC for the Great Bear ... [read-more]

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Tertiary fault
Stormy sky, dead trees
1964 Earthquake evidence
Eroding ghost forest
Partially deformed lakebottom sediment
Large pseudonodule below dish structures
Outcrop on Lake Iliamna
Subsided tropical forest
Coral, high and dry
Left behind by the ocean
A coral remembers earthquakes past
Coastline up and down
Drowned trees, raised
Coral boulder
Tsunami landscape
Tsunami trim line
Tsunami damage to mangroves
Mangrove damage
Tsunami mangroves
Tsunami trimline
Ocean gone
Faulted rock
Sheared rock under peat
Clastic dike
Deformed sediment
Outcrop video
Normal faulting
Strange lineation
Ghost forest recolonized
Sampling intertidal peat
Peat layer
Trench wall with possible tephra
Tertiary fault on Homer beach
Sheared Tertiary coal and siltstone
Fault spring
Surveying the Highest Run-Up
Ghost forest
Drowned forest
Complex fracture patterns
Grewingk Lake, August 1964