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Bering River Coal Field: News In January 2017 the mineral rights for a large portion of these coal fields were permanently retired. Background Kushtaka Lake GET PHOTO An aerial view of Kushtaka Lake, looking out over the Bering River Delta The Bering River Coal ... [read-more]
Glacier Retreat in Alaska: Glacier Retreat in Alaska The Dead and the Dying - through the glaciers of Tutka Valley READ ARTICLE Last winter's meager snowfall was followed by volcanic ash, then a warm sunny spring, melting the mountains back to bare ice and ... [read-more]
Salmon: (Author's Note:  This article was written in 2007 by Erin McKittrick as part of our preparation for the Journey on the Wild Coast.  For up to date and more neutral articles on a variety of natural resource issues in Alaska ... [read-more]

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