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Bristol Bay Fisheries: Our Pebble Articles Overview Block Caving Water Management Nearby Mining Claims Keystone Dialogue Perpetual Maintenance Tailings Storage Alternative Tailings Storage Opposition Powering Pebble Earthquake Risks SummaryBristol Bay hosts the largest sockeye salmon fishery in the world, as well as several ... [read-more]
Climate Change on the Northern Pacific Coast: (Note: This article was written in 2007 and refers to our Journey on the Wild Coast) Melting GlaciersFirePermafrostMigrationEmissionsRefs and Links Our burning of fossil fuels is spewing CO2 into the atmosphere, increasing the greenhouse effect, and warming the planet. A ... [read-more]
Temperate Rainforests of the Northern Pacific Coast: (Author's Note:  This article was written in 2007 by Erin McKittrick as part of our preparation for the Journey on the Wild Coast.  For up to date and more neutral articles on a variety of natural resource issues in Alaska ... [read-more]
The History and Fate of Fountain Stream: Related Content Life on Ice Journey - main pageMelting by the Maps - an exploration of change and erosion near Fountain Stream from 1890 to 2011 Glacier Retreat in Alaska Global Warming in Alaska - overview Adventures in a Warming ... [read-more]
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Yakutat Wave Energy Project: Renewable Energy Articles Geothermal Augustine Geothermal Spurr Geothermal Wind Eva Creek Wind Fire Island Wind Hydroelectricity Chakachamna Hydro Chikuminuk Hydro Kogoluktuk Hydro Susitna-Watana Hydro Seismic Hazards at Susitna Other Tidal Power in Cook Inlet Yakutat Wave Energy Background Yakutat, Alaska, ... [read-more]

Photos tagged Coastlines

Sea Arch
Ancient Shorelines
Kamishak fault hunt 2010
Kamishak fault hunt 2010
Kamishak fault hunt 2010
Storm battered Chukchi coast
Rookery coast
Chukchi coast bird rookery
Gathering coal
Remote cabin
Fingerprints of wind
Coast walk
Coast walk
Lake Iliamna terraces
Lake Iliamna terraces
Lake Iliamna terraces
Lake Iliamna terraces
Lake Iliamna terraces
Lake Iliamna terraces
Lake Iliamna terraces
Lake Iliamna terraces
Lake Iliamna terraces
Lake Iliamna terraces
Lake Iliamna terraces
Lake Iliamna terraces
Lake Iliamna terraces
Lake Iliamna terraces
Lake Iliamna terraces
Frost, salt, and silence
Ribs, articulated
Coal and Mud
Bishop's beach
Clay swirl
Clay swirl
Clay swirl
Cape Thompson
Rare view of Mt. Fairweather
Lost Coast cobbles
Dark forest
Frazzle ice
Ice cliff and forest
Melting cliff at Sitkagi Lagoon
Stranded tree on eroding beach
Flooded camp at Sitkagi Lagoon
Logs move out the entrance of Sitkagi Lagoon
A future river
Coastal Erosion at Malaspina Glacier
Waves crash at the entrance of Sitkagi Lagoon
A narrow fringe of trees
Dead edge of the forest
A new and growing lake.
Spruce roots trailing onto the beach
Buoy in the trees.
Tossed boulder
Forest Eroding at Malaspina Glacier
Skull Cliffs
Cracking bedrock
Eroding permafrost bluff
Arctic Row
Pigeon Gullemot chick
Sculpted peat
Gastropods and coal
Erosion control at Wainwright
Muddy arctic storm waves
Melting oozing permafrost
Muddy storm waters
Armored mud ball
Cape Lisburne fog
Permafrost slump
Ice overhang
Senecio pseudoarnica (Beach sunflower)
Sandstone boulders
Fall sunset
Brian on "The Comb"
Off roading
snail on coraline algae
Burrowing anemone
Katmai and Michael
Connected to the Ocean
Fresh wood
Waves breaking on iceberg
Eastern Sitkalidak Island
Partition Cove and McDonald Lagoon
Ocean Beach
Ocean Beach
Ocean Beach
Stream mouth at Ocean Beach
Ocean Bay
Black Tail Deer
Surf on Refuge Rock
Location of Shell Rig
Parka on the beach
Frozen stream on the beach
Pre-schooler bouldering
Native fish trap
Kid on Beach
Cobble ridge
Kids in a Cave
Throwing rocks
Amakdedori Beach
Surf and foam
Sea Otter Skeleton
Photo fun
Profit Beach
Above Ocean
Floating Islands in Fire
Storm and ice fog
Waves on Outside Beach
Snow berg
Storm waves over snow
Crashing storm waves
Heading for the Laura S.
Scrambling over boulders
Katmai runs ahead
Looking out at the waves
Obstacles in the forest
Our tent on Johnson Creek Beach
Katmai and Lituya playing in the rocks
Katmai pointing out a fossil of a snail
Coral fossil?
Icy tracks
Tsunami buoy
Katmai looks out over the ocean
A non-paddling day
Nanwalek Store
Coralline algae
Jackup rig in Port Graham
Tidepool near Nanwalek
Tidepool between Port Graham and Seldovia
Coal Cove
Hig and Katmai beneath a rock nose
Coal and Mud
Homer beaches
Icy waterfall
Shell beach
Shell beach
Skeletal starfish
Lituya on a Shell Beach
Homey Shipwreck
Beach from Above
Dead shark
Cave fire
Cold coast
Cold sky
Stark and cold
Racing the tide
Tertiary fault
Katmai leading
Eagle with squid
Walking rocky coast
Lituya on an Erratic
Lituya beach trekking
Stormy sky, dead trees
Katmai on Cook Inlet
Beach mud
Walking the beach
Surf and Ice
Control the Beach
Paddling along K-Beach
Erosion control structures
Visitor on the beach
Melting shore ice
Exit to thin air
Katmai and scrap metal
Beach artifacts
1964 Earthquake evidence
Layered Turnagain Mud
Eroding ghost forest
Silty sand sieve deposits
Seaweed driftline
Atop an erratic
Stream at sunset
Muddy ice floes
Waiting for water
Chickaloon Bay
Small slough
Fast and smooth
Liquefaction dance
Muddy rocks
Dirty kid, dirty lens
Tide in sand castle
Mud Play
Building lost in the flats
Anchorage skyline
Lituya on log
Anchorage Hillside
Sunset on the Susitna Flats
Journal writing
Packrafting the Susitna Delta
Sandbar on the Susitna Delta
Waiting for the tide
Walking the flats
Startled birds
Moon over Fire Island wind farm
Sunset on a slough
Baby seal warmiing up
Mud wading
Raft towing in the flats
Kids on Driftwood
Sunset on the Susitna Flats
Muddy slough
Mud rapids
Fish cutting
Fishing nets
Shorebird near oil rig
Birds and oil rigs
Marmot on Sea Cliff
Hoary Marmot at Amakdedulia
Hoary Marmot pup
Hoary Marmot pups at Amakdedulia
Hoary Marmot posing
Hoary marmot watching us
Marmot looking up
Hoary Marmot on Sea Cliff
Ruffled water
Campsite near Iliamna Bay
Campsite near Ursus Cove
Packrafting along Fortification Bluffs
In front of Mt. Douglas
Erin paddling past an oil rig
Shirleyville and mountains
Mud sled
Packraft track
Mud monster
Kids in mist and mud
Oil Rigs off of Trading Bay
Mudflats and Redoubt
Oil rigs and mudflats
Sunset slough
Oil Rig beyond the slough
Rafting towards misty oil rig
Oil rigs off Trading Bay
Monopod and mud
Mudsledding in mist
Mudsledding in the mist
Birds and oil rig
Fishing boat on the Kustatan Peninsula
Fishing boat on the Kustatan Peninsula
Water or land?
Buoy and Boulder
Setnet cabins on the Kustatan
Clawed feet slipping
Seal tracks climbing
Flies on the mud
Slough crossing
Across the marsh
Duck shacks
Sprouting through mud
Pushki wands
Not yet green
The joy of puddles
Tent with bear fence
Marsh fall
Sedge flats
Little moochers
Colorful slough crossing
Drift River wading
On an eddy line
Cottonwood on the beach
Cottonwood picnic
Cave wriggling
Wolf tracks in sand
Cutting salmon
Remote greenhouse
Redoubt Bay Fish Camp
Fun in the sun
Running in the sea
Waiting for a gift
Headed out for clams
Investigating clams
Leaf fossil
Ducks and Mountains
Katmai and clam
Katmai and clam
Walk to Iliamna
Paddle to Chisik Island
Setnet camp
Setnetting Family
Cave explorations
Boat and birds
Iniskin Arch
Forest Jumble
Alaska Marine Highway
Readying for a surf launch on the Iniskin Peninsula
Between cliffs, behind a band of surf
Katmai "fishing" in the waves
Bear cooling off in a river at Cape Douglas
Niki and waterfall
Nearing the end - walking towards Mt. Douglas
Hig and Katmai negotiating a steep way -- the only way -- over a cliff at Cape Douglas
Tent bound in a Kamishak Bay storm
Three generation adventure
Not quite beating the tide -- wading around a cliff in Kamishak Bay
Bears run past the packrafts
Sea arch from above on the Iniskin Peninsula
Surf roiling against the base of the sea arch
Aerial view of Seldovia, returning from Cook Inlet
Paddling fog and sea stacks
Lituya eating beach greens
Katmai playing in beach greens
Camp in the sea arch
Camp in the sea arch
Iniskin Peninsula cave
Sea arch camp
Brown bear on the beach
Fossilized leaves
Stranded shark
Katmai next to dead shark
Dead shark
Arctic Hunter shipwreck
Fishing Flotsam, Unalaska
Debris from the wreck of the Arctic Hunter
The shipwreck of the Arctic Hunter
Hiking to the shipwreck of the Arctic Hunter
Diving for Tanner Crab (Chionoecetes)
Unalaska on a sunny day
View from Bunker Hill
Wreck of the Steamship Northwestern
Emperor Geese (Chen canagica)
View over Dutch Harbor
Typical weather in the Aleutian Islands
55 gallon drum, leftover from WWII
Lituya on Barabara Beach
Through an icy crack
Looking out at the snow
Snowy cobble walk
fire on the beach
two boys on a snowy beach
Starting a fire in the snow
North shore of Lake Iliamna
Surveying Lake Iliamna
Northwest shorline of Lake Iliamna
Packrafting under Seldovia bridge
Outcrop on Lake Iliamna
Hermit crab on gooey eggs
Grass swords
dam against the tide
sea star and crab
Hunting sand dollars
sand dollar
this side won't sting
Morning Ice Fog
Arctic Shelter
Sparse Firewood
Hoar Frost Tracks
Pause For Dawn
Sea Ice Crossing
Shaktoolik Village
Fat-Bike Over Tundra
Bike Through Shaktoolik
Warm Fire Cold Ocean
Hummock Ice
Tom Cod Ice Fishing
Ice Fishing
Arctic Explorer
Ruby Cliffs
Sunset and fishing boat
Sea Star Puppetmaster
Threading sea arches
Camped above Kachemak Bay
All-in play
Deer Lake
Deer Lake
View from no-longer inside
Abandoned mine structure
Old mine building
Vegetation taking over
Above the tide
Proposed port site
Port Mackenzie
Surf at Icy Point
Walking Alaska's "Lost Coast"
Small Barrier Island
Erosion on Narwhal Island
Drained pond near Drew Point
High salt marsh in Redoubt Bay
Tidal Slough
Eroding peat
Subsided tropical forest
Coral, high and dry
Left behind by the ocean
A coral remembers earthquakes past
Coastline up and down
Drowned trees, raised
Coral boulder
Tsunami landscape
Tsunami trim line
Tsunami damage to mangroves
Mangrove damage
Tsunami mangroves
Tsunami trimline
Soil outcropping in beach
Clay outcrop
Cobbles on peat
Faulted rock
Damaged barnacles
Outside beach
Sheared rock under peat
Till outcrop in beach
Iron oxide cement
Bear Tracks on Lake Iliamna
Filming bear tracks
Layered sand and gravel
Wearing the geologist hat
Andrew on the Outcrop
Beach gravels
Lake shore beach ridges
Ventifacts and liesegang banding
Hanna Craig
Outcrop video
Seldovia Bay
Ghost forest recolonized
Pleistocene terrace?
Stopping for a look
Snowy volcano
Katmai on skis
Erin skiing with the kids
Erin pulling Lituya in the packraft-sled
Erin on the Cape Rodney navigational marker
Snow blowing on the Bering Sea near Cape Wooley
Wooley Lagoon camp in a ground blizzard
Barge wreck on the frozen ocean
Ice games
Warm tent on a cold ocean
moon over ice
musk ox scat
Katmai sliding
Hig sliding
Lituya sliding
Erin sliding
Beach combing
Spring melting sea ice
Ice edge
Climbing the slope for a view
Drifts on ice berm
Old cabin
Crowberry beneath the snow
Approaching Shishmaref
Archaeological deposit
Steep and frozen coastline
Paddling the edge of sea ice
Edge of thin ice
Melting permafrost
Mud is fun
Sod house
Subnivean camp
Shipwreck on a frozen beach
Sunset and cold wind
Beach spring
Seeking shelter from the wind
You can see the wind
Hiding from the wind
Playtime in the winter wind
Wall for the wind
Windy campsite
Broken ice
Jumbled ice
Harsh campsite
Spotted Seal (Phoca largha)
Raven eggs
Dark sky over open water
Fresh ice shove
Ice overhang
Two flavors of permafrost
Sticky mud
Permafrost bank
Ten thousand year cross-section
Kids love mud
Melting, oozing, eroding
Overhung permafrost
Kids investigate permafrost
What's under there?
Warm air on old ice
Melting permafrost
Eroding arctic
Ice hidden beneath the soil
Active layer
Active layer over permafrost
Coastal erosion of permafrost
Ice jumble campsite
Cinquefoil (probably Potentilla villosa)
Kelp bed
Painted tide
Intertidal peat
Saltwater peat
Drain-pipe peat monolith
Peat monolith
Peat outcrop
Geologist at a peat outcrop
Intertidal peat
Layered peat with thin tephra
Sampling intertidal peat
Climbing from an Aleutian Fjord
Shaler Mountains Pass
Packrafters and Whale Tail
Whale encounter
Tar deposit on a gravel beach
Tar deposit in gravel
Barren Islands
Storm whipped coastline
Storm at Sea
Aleutian sun and wind
Archaeological layers
Columnar jointed cliffs
Ship Rock
Camping on an uplifted shoreline
Boulder and sand tsunami deposit
Tsunami scour?
Tsunami scour?
Pacific Coast of Unalaska Island
Makushin Volcano
Aleutian sea arch
Rock walls
Craggy cliffs and cows
South coast of Unalaska
Giant sea cave
Tsunami log above the Unalaska coast
"A Meadow of Sunshine!"
Threading a reef
Dead salmon on beach
Difficult coast
Tiny natural harbor
Aleutian waterfalls
Artist at Interpretive Sign
Low tide life interpretive sign
Aleutian fjord
Climbing out of the tall grass
New friend
Jurassic Ammonite
Coral fossil
Peat layer
Tertiary fault on Homer beach
Sheared Tertiary coal and siltstone
Dendritic plant rhizome
Titanium goat tent
Taylor Valley
"Profit Beach"
Beach combing
Port Dick
Tarp shelter near Gore Point
Port Dick
Gore Point driftwood
Impassable shore
Gore Peak
Port Dick from Gore Point
South Kenai Coast
Gore Peak view
Gore Peak Selfie
Open coast
Above Taylor Bay
Taylor Delta
Taylor River
Tutka River
Ammonite amongst boulders
View from Pakushin
Umnak in the Distance
Threading rocks
Overhung permafrost cliff
Tsunami damage, bear for scale
Tsunami flattened trees
Tsunami deposit trench
Flattened trees and boulder
Tsunami impacts
St Elias Sunset
View from up high
Taan fjord
Landslide rock on Tyndall Glacier
Tyndall and St. Elias
Ready to survey
Aerial Photos of Icy Bay
Driving into Taan Fjord
Trench in Hoof-Hill Fan
Landslide Hummocks
Walking on Tsunami Deposit
Evening Cruise
Surveying in Front of the Slide
Parasitic Jaeger (Stercorarius parasiticus)
Main Expedition Camp
Dr. Dan Shugar and Dr. Jeremy Venditti
Third Icy Bay Expedition
Remote Control Multibeam Survey Boat
Field "Office"
Launching Remote Control Boat
Field Office
Shallow Water Mapping Boat
Remote Controlled Mapping Boat and Office
Ferrying People and Equipment
Glacier Office
Mapping Landslide Under Water
Glacier Office
Marine Survey
Tyndal Glacier Marine Survey
Little Boat Big Survey
The MV Gyre
MV Gyre In Taan Fjord
Landslide Office
Tyndall Glacier
Landslide And Glacier
Tyndall Glacier
Tyndall Glacier
Dr. Jeremy Venditti and Tyndall Glacier
Colin Bloom
Tsunami Deposit
Mount Saint Elias and Super-Cubs
Tsunami Deposit Trench
Skiff Ride to the Landslide
Main Expedition Team
Helicopter Pilot
Helicopter and Glaciers
Misty Hanging Glacier
Calving Event
MV Seawolf
Field Trip
Scene of catastrophe
Glacial Seracs and Kluteith Rock
Tsunami sediment
Highest Tsunami Water Mark
Searching for 'Run-Up'
Following a Tsunami
On the peak of Lunch Mountain
Tutka Flats
Fjord delta
Gravel delta
Windswept forest ridge
Tough to travel
Boulder gravel
Taan Fjord
Heavy wave
Washed up
Still attached
Chasing seagulls
Packraft surfing
Bracing in a packraft
Surfing in
Paddling in the surf
Bumping over a break
Over the foam
Tipped over
Packraft surfer
Surfing a heavy packraft
Pelicans in Loreto
Packrafter and pyroclastic deposits
Tutka flats
Taylor Bay
Taylor Bay beach
Looking out Taylor Bay
Mist on Taylor Bay
Looking down from the first pass
Count the bugs
Drowned forest
Rainy Taylor Bay
Taylor Bay
Evening on Taylor Bay
Aeolian ladder ripples
Intense beach project
Beach project
Inca seafood storage
Desiccated Chiton
Pelican rock
Surf seaweed
Wave-washed habitat
Keyhole limpet in the desert
Orange sea anenome
Boulder arch
Desert coast
Weathered desert stone
Camped on the desert coast
Peruvian sea lion haul-out
Cormorant over waves
Sea lions hauling out
Dune panorama
Frog survey
Tourists on Lake Titicaca
Desert tide-pool play
Lightning on Lake Titicaca
Flamingoes on Lake Titicaca
Cobbles of Lake Titicaca
Dunetop vista
Steep, recently deglaciated slopes