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Chandalar Gold Prospect: BackgroundThe Chandalar mining prospect is a placer mining and early-stage hard rock exploration project located about 190 miles north of Fairbanks, Alaska.  The mining claims, held by Goldrich Mining Company, total around 22,840 acres and include both active placer claims ... [read-more]
Linc Energy UCG Leases in AK: News: In 2016, Linc Energy declared bankruptcy and we are considering all of these project to be shelved SummaryAn Australian company, Linc Energy, is exploring several sites in Central Alaska and near Cook Inlet, looking into the feasibility of developing ... [read-more]
Sulfolane Contamination in Alaska: Summary Sulfolane, an industrial solvent used in the production of gasoline, has been detected since 2000 in groundwater located near the North Pole oil refinery, with the sulfolane slowly spreading outside the refinery boundaries.  In 2009 sulfolane was discovered in ... [read-more]
Susitna-Watana Hydroelectric Project: Renewable Energy Articles Geothermal Augustine Geothermal Spurr Geothermal Wind Eva Creek Wind Fire Island Wind Hydroelectricity Chakachamna Hydro Chikuminuk Hydro Kogoluktuk Hydro Susitna-Watana Hydro Seismic Hazards at Susitna Other Tidal Power in Cook Inlet Yakutat Wave Energy Summary If built, ... [read-more]

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Coal Seam in Alaska
Fossil and Renewable energy near Healy