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Alaska Coal Proposals Overview: Regions Arctic Cook Inlet Central Alaska Matanuska Susitna Valley Abandoned Projects   (This is a summary of all coal-related projects and proposals in Alaska, kept up to date as possible.  For references and more detail, check out the individual articles on ... [read-more]
Alaska Railroad: The Alaska railroad is a railway system which runs up through central Alaska, linking the major population and industrial centers of southcentral and interior Alaska. The mainline track stretches 470 miles, from Seward and Whittier to Fairbanks (technically a little further, ... [read-more]
Coal Power in Alaska: Your browser does not support iframes. Coal Power in Alaska Existing and proposed coal-fired power plants in Alaska. Less than 10% of Alaska's electricity comes from coal. Most is from gas, hydro, and oil. There are six small coal-fired power ... [read-more]
Drift River Oil Terminal: Tanks at the Drift River Oil Terminal GET PHOTO Storage tanks for oil source: Copyright held by photographer Introduction  The Drift River Oil Terminal is a short-term oil storage facility on Cook Inlet that is controversial due to its vulnerability to ... [read-more]
Fort Knox Gold Mine: SummaryThe Fort Knox Mine, a large gold mine in Interior Alaska, produces around 370,000 ounces of gold per year.  This mine is a significant producer of mining waste in Alaska, but has had fewer environmental problems than many other large ... [read-more]
Greens Creek Silver Mine: SummaryGreens Creek is a large, underground silver mine located in Southeast Alaska, which also produces smaller amounts of gold, lead, and zinc.  The mine is the 5th largest silver producer in the world, and the largest in the US.  The ... [read-more]
Kensington Gold Mine: SummaryThe Kensington Gold Mine, a mid-sized underground mining project in southeast Alaska began production during the summer of 2010.  The mining prospect had been under study for many years, but fluctuations in gold prices and litigation questioning the disposal of ... [read-more]
Nixon Fork Gold Mine: SummaryNixon Fork is a small, previously developed, gold and copper mine in Interior Alaska, which re-opened in July 2011 and then suspended operations in June 2013.  Operators hoped to produce another 100,000-150,000 ounces of gold over the course of 3-5 ... [read-more]
Pogo Gold Mine: Pogo Mine aerial view GET PHOTO Aerial view of the Pogo Mine source: Copyright held by photographer SummaryThe Pogo Mine is a large gold mine located in Interior Alaska, which produces around 400,000 ounces of gold per year.  This mine is ... [read-more]
Red Chris Mine: Red Chris is an open pit gold-silver-copper mine entering operation in northern British Columbia, Canada. It is the first of the so-called Candian "Transboundary Mines", which are situated in drainages that run into Southeast Alaska. Red Chris is operated by ... [read-more]
Red Dog Mine: Outline Summary History and Geology Mining Techniques and Waste Disposal Aqqaluk Project Employment and Revenue Sharing Environmental Concerns Latest News Summary The Red Dog Mine is a zinc and lead mine in northern Alaska, located about 80 miles north of ... [read-more]
Seward Coal Terminal:    Loading coal GET PHOTO A worker stands in a plume of coal dust, as coal pours into a ship at the Seward port. The Seward Coal Loading Facility, referred to as the Seward Coal Terminal, was built in 1984 ... [read-more]
The Long-Term Socioeconomic Impact of Coal Development in Alaska: Building extensive coal infrastructure virtually ensures that a society will mine or burn larger amounts of coal in the future than it otherwise would, absent such infrastructure. This is due to the relatively low ongoing usage costs of such infrastructure, ... [read-more]
Usibelli Coal Mines: In 1943, Usibelli Coal Mine Inc. was founded by Emil Usibelli in order to provide coal to the precursor of Fort Wainwright. The mines that Usibelli operates take advantage of abundant subbituminous coal near the surface in the Healy area, ... [read-more]

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Seward Coal Terminal
Chinese coal port
Giant coal stackers
Dock by Tyonek
Port Mackenzie