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Alaska Coal Proposals Overview: Regions Arctic Cook Inlet Central Alaska Matanuska Susitna Valley Abandoned Projects   (This is a summary of all coal-related projects and proposals in Alaska, kept up to date as possible.  For references and more detail, check out the individual articles on ... [read-more]
Kenai Blue Sky Coal Power: Kenai Fertilizer Plant GET PHOTO Site of the now-closed Agrium plant near Nikiski source: Copyright held by photographer The Kenai Blue Sky Coal Plant was a proposed $1.5-2 billion integrated gasification combined-cycle (IGCC) plant proposed by Agrium Inc. to be located ... [read-more]
Project Chariot: No harbor here GET PHOTO Project Charriot would have created an industrial harbor here by detonating underground nuclear bombs. In the late 1950s, the US Atomic Energy Commission initiated a plan called "Operation Plowshare", which sought to find peaceful uses ... [read-more]
Yakutat Forelands Prospects: (In early 2011 these claims were all forfeited and the land is once again owned by the BLM.  No further exploration is taking place at either of these prospects)SummarySoutheast of Yakutat, AK, two adjacent blocks of mining claims were under ... [read-more]