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Last Modified: 24th July 2010

Winter gear

A frosty ruff lines Hig's modified coat, packrafts trailing behind as makeshift sleds.

Follow these links for information on our current adventures in Alaska Coal Country or our recent Journey on the Wild Coast.

Information on other Journeys can be found below:

The Dead and the Dying: Summer 2009

A short journey through the diminishing glaciers of Tutka valley with a toddler and his grandmother.

Lost Forests on the Lost Coast: Summer 2009

A short expedition with our new baby, looking at remediation possibilities and the aftermath of logging on the Gulf of Alaska coast, with Cascadia Wildlands.

Where Threatened Waters Flow: Summer 2006

The watersheds downstream of the proposed Pebble Mine stretch over 400 miles, ending up in Bristol Bay. This journey took us on a month-long loop through these waterways, visiting villages along the way.

Journey to Pebble Mine site: Summer 2005

A photoessay by Erin, exploring the site of the proposed Pebble Mine.

Bogachel Rainforest (2003)

Erin walks through the forest near the Bogachel River in the Olympic Peninsula, WA.

More Journeys:

Read about over a dozen older trips on our old AK Trekking website.

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