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Tangle Lakes/MAN Prospect

Last Modified: 30th November 2013


Tangle Lakes Area

A river in the Tangle Lakes Area

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The MAN project (also known as the Tangle Lakes project) is a large collection of nickel-copper-platinum mining leases spread over 173,000 acres of land in Southcentral Alaska, about 100 miles south of Fairbanks.  The project area overlaps parts of the Delta Wild and Scenic River Corridor, as well as part of the Tangle Lakes Archeological Area.  Since 2007, the small Canadian mining company Pure Nickel Inc. has held the mining leases, and exploration was funded through a Japanese conglomerate called ITOCHU.  In November 2013, ITOCHU withdrew from the project.

Although still in the early stages of exploration, this project has already encountered significant local opposition because of the proximity of the numerous claims to important wildlife habitats, archeological sites, and recreation areas.  Efforts are underway to create a state wildlife refuge, which would protect the most historically and ecologically important lands within the mining leases.

Tangle Lakes Recreation

A Recreation Area at Tangle Lakes

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Current status

Exploration is ongoing, with $3.5 million budgeted for the 2013 season.  The withdrawal of the funding partner in late 2013 makes the future of this project uncertain.

2010Extensive geophysical surveys and drilling program consisting of 12 holes.
2011Mapping, surface sampling, and drilling program consisting of 11 holes.
2012$4.2 million exploration program including mapping, surface surveys, and 2,233 meters of drilling.
2013$3 million exploration program including 9,813 feet of drilling.
2014No onsite exploration, but ongoing metallurgical work.

See also further details on this exploration or our interactive map of exploration in the state.

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